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Candidates for AAST Director-at-Large

Kevin Asp, RPSGT, CRT 


To download Kevin's CV click here. 

President of SomnoSure

Experience Working in Sleep Technology:  24 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  20 years

Statement of Interest:

I am looking forward to a continued participation on the Board of Directors of the AAST.

I have been actively involved in the AAST's online presence through participation in the redesign of their website and the implementation of their Content Management (Blogs and Social Media).

The collective board entrusted me with the implementation strategies to turn around the membership numbers. I'm proud to say that the membership numbers of 2017 are at an all time high.  A 50% plus turn-around based on projections.

If elected, I will work to continue to grow the AAST's membership and promote the growing scope of practice of the  Sleep Technologist.

Kala Bingham, RPSGT, RCP, CRT

To download Kala's CV click here.  Head Shot.jpeg

Sleep Care Manager at The Sleep Wellness Institute

Experience Working in Sleep Technology: 11 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  5 years

Statement of Interest:

Thank you in advance for your consideration on adding me to the AAST Board of Directors.

I am a highly skilled professional with qualifications in sleep management, respiratory therapy and expertise in providing high quality care and unparalleled patient service. I am a creative problem solver, a leader, and I am adept at managing projects and employees, while effectively delegating and providing support and promoting a cohesive team environment.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong assertiveness and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with one organization. I have been involved with all aspects of operation, handling tasks such as customer service, report preparation and generation and developing successful programs.

I look forward for this wonderful opportunity and for working with the team at the AAST.

Julie DeWitte, RST, RPSGT, RCP

To download Julies's CV click here.  headshot.jpg

Assistant Department Administrator for
Kaiser Permanente Sleep Disorder Center

Experience Working in Sleep Technology:  25 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  24 years

Statement of Interest:

I am very passionate about the field of sleep medicine. I have dedicated my career to this field and to this end, feel very strongly about the importance of sleep disorders recognition, growth and further career development. I also feel pediatric sleep medicine is extremely underutilized, and I can be an instrumental part in increasing the awareness and importance of early detection and treatment.

I have been a dedicated member of the AAST for many years. I am a member of the Educational Products Committee and am the co-chair of EPC sub-committee for development of sleep technology challenge questions.

I would greatly appreciate your support in voting for me to be one of the three new Directors-at-Large. I believe my education, experiences and professional responsibilities will lend themselves very well to representing the membership of AAST.  I look forward to continuing to positively contribute to our organization as we continue to grow and cultivate the AAST in the coming years.

Brendan Duffy, RST, RPSGT

To download Brendan's CV click here.   self_photo1.jpg

Coordinator for St. Charles Hospital

Experience Working in Sleep Technology: 20 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  13 years

Statement of Interest:

I am running for Director as I believe I can assist membership during this period of transition. I have served on the Membership Committee as well as being Chairperson on the newly created AAST Speakers Bureau. I also was fortunate to have several articles and blogs showcased via the AAST media sites and highly recommend that all members consider writing and publishing articles on the AAST sites for their fellow technologists. All of these opportunities have allowed me to learn and grow professionally. A directorship would continue my educational and career growth path.

In closing, thank you for considering me and please make sure to VOTE for your candidates! This is YOUR organization and the Board members are merely your stewards! We need everyone helping to build a strong AAST presence that will benefit every individual member ! Thanks! Have a great Day!

Michael Eden, RST, RPSGT

To download Michael's CV click here.   Michael Eden Headshotv2.jpg

Technical Director at Cobourg Sleep Clinic

Experience Working in Sleep Technology: 21 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  18 years

Statement of Interest:

I would love to assist the AAST as a Director at Large to help foster the Association in the areas of Clinical Education and Sleep Awareness. I would be pleased to exchange ideas and share my knowledge to help advance the field of sleep technology and to bring a greater awareness of the profession to the technologists, both nationally and internationally.  I have over 20 years experience in the field of sleep technology, and I have over 16 years experience managing sleep clinics in both the private and public sector.

My passion for ongoing education drives me to seek a position on the Board of the AAST, as I see it as a way to give back to the profession that has taught me so much over the years.

Daniel Herold, RPSGT

To download Daniel's CV click here.    dan_herold_head_shot1.jpg

Sleep Laboratory Supervisor  
for Mayo Clinic

Experience Working in Sleep Technology:  31 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  30 years

Statement of Interest:

My name is Dan Herold and I would like you to consider me to be one of your new Directors of the AAST Board of Directors.

I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine and the Laboratory Supervisor for the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine in Rochester, MN.  I currently serve on a number of educational committees here as well as employment committees. I teach classes here regularly and give lectures here as well as at seminars around the country.

For the AAST I have served on:
Awards Committee 1995-2005
Policies and Procedures Committee 1997-1999
Program Committee 2013-2015
CEC Committee 2015-2017

BRPT (then was a committee of the AAST) as Director, Secretary, Chair, and Past Chair from 1991-1999. I also served on the stand alone BRPT from 1999-2001, 2007.
As BRPT chair we attended AAST BOD meetings.

In 1997 I was awarded the AAST Weitzman Award in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication to the AAST and the field of Polysomnography.

I would like to serve as a Director-at-Large of the AAST to continue my service to our profession. I feel that I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge of the profession local and nationally and would like to increase my time commitment and experience to the AAST any way that I can.

Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT

To download Andrea's CV click here.    Headshot.jpg

Sleep Services Coordinator
for Centegra Health System

Experience Working in Sleep Technology:  9 years

Regular Member of the AAST:  3 years

Statement of Interest:

My time spent in the sleep world has been one filled with passion, a thirst for knowledge, and the intrinsic calling to spread that knowledge to the world. The sleep world is evolving to reflect the outside influences we cannot always control. As I myself have undergone an evolution within my role in the sleep field, I see a greater need to expand, educate, and define what that means for the future of sleep. Where can the sleep technologist expect to find themselves in 5 years and beyond?  A part of that equation lies in where we fit into the broader scope of medicine, and how we approach our peers in the medical field. The education of our peers in the healthcare realm is an important piece to the future of sleep and how our roles will evolve.

The AAST is on the forefront of changing how the sleep field is seen and what that means to the greater healthcare system. The Director at Large position allows me to fulfill a leadership role in which I can bring my well rounded knowledge of the sleep world to help expand the definition of what it means to be a technologist in the field.  A vote for me is a vote for the future of sleep.  Your consideration and vote will be greatly appreciated.