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By: Kevin Asp on July 22nd, 2016

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2016 38th Annual Meeting Feedback Survey Results



We asked, you answered. Here are the AAST Annual meeting feedback survey results!

We asked our members in a previous blog post how they felt about the Denver meeting experience.

Because this survey was voluntary, please note that the survey results represent only a portion of attendees and how they felt and is not wholly representative of what attendee feedback was like as a whole.

1. Who were our respondents?


Most of our survey respondents identified as sleep technologists. Of the 90 respondents here is the breakdown of who our survey respondents were:

  • Sleep technologists (90%)
  • Educators (32%)
  • Physicians (0%)
  • Nurses (6%)
  • Students (1%)
  • AAST members (55%)

2. Most of our respondents attended an AAST annual meeting in the past:


Most of the annual meeting attendees (85%) said they have been to our annual gathering before. And 15% of attendees said it was their first time at an AAST annual meeting.

3. Why did people attend the annual meeting?


The biggest reason why our respondents came to the meeting was to attend a session.

Here is a breakdown of other popular reasons for attending:

  • To attend a session or sessions (72%)
  • Professional development (83%)
  • Networking with colleagues (65%)
  • To find a job (2%)
  • To fill a job position (4%)
  • To attend the APSS meeting and exhibit hall (58%)

4. What kept people from coming to the AAST annual meeting?


The biggest reasons some members cited for non-attendance was funding-related. Here is the breakdown:

  • Funding 66%
  • Lodging  19%
  • Registration 2%
  • Travel 32%
  • Timing 21%

5. Most attendees thought the overall content of the presentations were excellent or good.


Here is the breakdown:

  • Excellent (25%)
  • Good (49%)
  • Neutral (15%)
  • Fair (5%)
  • Poor (4%)

6. What formats should be used at the AAST meeting?


Here is the breakdown:

  • One hour lectures (79%)
  • Panel discussions (67%)
  • Symposia (42%)
  • Pro-con debates (51%)
  • Brief scientific data presentations (51%)

7. What topics are people most interested in seeing at future  AAST annual meetings?


8. We are happy to report that overall, most people were satisfied with the 2016 annual meeting experience!


Here is the breakdown:

  • Very satisfied (24%)
  • Satisfied (56%)
  • Neutral (12%)
  • Dissatisfied (5%)
  • Very dissatisfied (2%)

Our next big event is the fall course that will be held in Cleveland, OH. Click the image below to sign up for this must-attend opportunity!

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