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By: AAST Editor on September 19th, 2019

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4 AAST Courses You Can’t Miss This Fall

Fall marks the beginning of another year’s end. Why not finish 2019 on a positive note by cultivating new professional skills? With a long history of helping sleep-care professionals navigate the field, AAST offers a variety of products to help get the job done. These top-notch courses can help you expand your knowledge or brush up on skills for kicking off 2020 just right.

Essential Skills in Sleep Education

Are you a new sleep technologist with less than five years of experience? This is the perfect program to provide an overview of the skills and information you’ll need beyond basic scoring and sleep study management. You’ll learn about patient education and therapy adherence, among many other things.

This program includes nine courses and costs $50.

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Merging Strengths at the Crossroads of Sleep Technology

For allied health professionals, attaining an advanced skill set can greatly benefit both in and outside of the sleep lab. This program is designed to cover several new competencies, including patient education, setting up thriving polysomnography programs, methods for successful in-center sleep study authorizations and more.

Not only that, the program defines current educational issues, trends and models, and helps those taking the course to identify links to growing sleep education programs. Participants in this course will walk away knowing how to evaluate innovative tools for successful sleep center growth and be able to describe methods to leverage knowledge through collaboration.

This program includes 10 courses and costs $99.

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Risk Management in the Sleep Center

Risk is a normal part of life, especially in the medical field, but sleep professionals can (and should) take steps to manage that risk. This program is designed to help sleep centers navigate risk, learn risk reduction strategies, and provide appropriate intervention. Ranging from life safety and infection control to HIPAA and patient confidentiality, registrants will walk away being able to identify risk factors in the sleep center and develop a plan and policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment.

The course also addresses a variety of factors relating directly to patients and staff, like dealing with aggressive patients and handling cultural and gender sensitivities. This also course provides tips to assist in meeting criteria for regulatory and accreditation agencies.

This program includes six courses and costs $75.

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Technologist Fundamental Course

In the words of Michael Jordan, “Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise.” Sleep medicine is no different. This program is designed for those just entering the field or those brushing up before a credentialing examination, and it covers all the basics of polysomnography. Attendees will review recording procedures and treatment implementation, as well as sleep stages and sleep-related events. 

This program is 14 courses and costs $150.

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