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By: Brendan Duffy on September 24th, 2015

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4 Interesting and Different Products for CPAP Users

Sleep Technologist Advice

products for CPAP users

Didn't know that CPAP supplies had breadth and variety? Well, now you do!

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. When it comes to CPAP, and CPAP users, this adage is certainly true.

I am not a user or endorser of any of these products for CPAP users, but I found them to be slightly wacky, comical, or ingenious! You decide which is which! Enjoy!

Today we will take a look at a few products that you may not know exist. They claim to make the CPAP experience a better one by making it more comfortable in various ways... So when your patient says, “they should invent a better ….. “ you can tell them “they already have!” Most of us are familiar with the CPAP hose wraps to warm the humidifier water and the decal skins to make the CPAP machines look better... here are a few more CPAP supplies you may not be aware of. A random search on the internet produced a treasure of CPAP related items I wasn’t aware of! 


products for CPAP users

Yes – this is beard sealant- It claims to help smooth the beard so the CPAP mask will leak less! Of course they also carry beard shampoo and conditioner-presumably to remove the sealant (I suppose)!


The web site info says:

“Just stroke a generous amount of our CPAP Beard Sealant onto your beard or moustache where your mask contacts your face, comb through. Position your mask and enjoy a restful night of sleep.”

Ingredients: Caster oil, cetyl stearyl alcohol from palm/coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, hydrogenated castor oil, soybean oil, lauryl laurate from coconut oil, camauba wax and candelilla wax.

(With all those oils and waxes, I would be careful if you smoke! – You may end up with a shorter beard! )



products for CPAP users

Simply place the diffuser in front of your CPAP filter and add a few drops of the aroma of your choice…

The website claims this can luxuriate your air with such wonderful aromas as:

Calm, Fresh, Comfort, Deep, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Bubble Gum, or French Vanilla.


products for CPAP users

We once had a patient in our sleep center who said she solved her CPAP “leak around the eyes” problem by going to Home Depot and buying small goggles! Maybe she was on to something! And at least she didn’t duct tape the exhaust port like one of our other patients! Yipes!

Silicone night shields to protect the eyes from those nasty CPAP leaks… (You may want to get a pair for a bed partner too in case they are also in the line of fire of the CPAP exhaust port!)  


products for CPAP users

This link gives the viewer a look at some helpful inventions for CPAP shelving and hose placement. They are mini bedside CPAP tables that help eliminate clutter. These are small additions that may make a huge difference. And they may also prevent rain out through the hose as the flow is directed downward! 

So what do you think? Do you think these are some nifty items? It is neat to see folks out there trying to build a better and more comfortable CPAP experience! I salute the innovators! I hope you have enjoyed learning about these items! If you have used any of these products, let us know how it went!

Sleep Well!

Brendan Duffy

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