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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on June 7th, 2016

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4 Things Sleep Technologists Wished They Knew



Sleep technologists share what they wished they'd known when they were starting out in the industry

laura3_headshot.jpg1. I wish I knew more about the electrical circuit.

"It was what I had to really commit to learn. I actually worked directly with the biomedical department, the equipment vendors and sensor vendors to truly understand why the equipment and sensors worked. Now that everything is digitalized this concept is even more mysterious and technologists have to really research to understand."

- Laura Linley, President of AAST, RPSGT, RST, CRTT

joel_2.jpg2.  It wish I knew how tech savvy I should have been.

"It would have been nice to know how technical and computer savvy one should be.  From the old paper machines to the digital version, one must learn to adjust settings conservatively and follow the guidelines set forth in the latest scoring manual."
- Joel Porquez, RST, RPSGT

3. I wish I knew which questions to ask during the interview process.

"As a sleep technologist starting out, I wish I had known what questions to ask during the interview process.  Or what to look for in a sleep lab.  For instance, how many referring physicians, how far out are they scheduled, or what the roles of management are with respect to the daily function.  Knowing such information would help when interviewing to know if one would be a good fit for a sleep lab."

-A sleep technologist who declined to be named.

David_G_headshot.jpg4. I wish I knew about home sleep apnea testing. 

"First thing that comes to mind is the future of the field.  Home sleep apnea testing never really crossed my mind when I began in the field.  I wonder if many sleep technologists wouldn’t have entered the field if they knew the impact of home testing."

- David Wolfe, MSEd, RRT-SDS, RST, RPSGT

Sleep technologists, what do you wish you had known when you were starting out?

Write your thoughts below!

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