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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on July 11th, 2017

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5 Ways a Membership Organization Helps You Earn More CECs

Sleep Technologist Advice

Sleep technologists have many opportunities and challenges in their career. From a changing focus in medicine to the ways patients with sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated, the sleep technologist faces a very rapidly changing field of expertise.

There's always new technology and advances made in the field of sleep medicine, and public awareness is growing substantially of sleep disorders and how they impact a patient’s health. Therefore, there's an ever-increasing demand for experienced and qualified sleep technologists.

See how AAST benefits thousands of Sleep Technologists, and how it can help you.

Learn More About Membership

If you're a sleep technologist, you'll likely agree that the one most rewarding aspect of your career is helping your patients and your direct engagement with them.  You know how rewarding it is to be able to provide patients with sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with instant relief from their symptoms so they can finally get the sleep they deserve.

This "instant relief and improvement" is one of the most delightful and satisfying aspects of being a sleep technologist.  And, to stay up-to-date and skilled as a professional, you need to take advantage of specific tools and resources designed to enhance your skills in the field.

Membership organizations are one resource you have at your fingertips to do just that. They help transform the sleep technology industry.  They focus on providing the most appropriate education for preparing you for future advancements and identify new roles that as a sleep technologist, you can grow into.

What is a Membership Organization?

Membership organizations, such as the American Association of Sleep Technologists, promote the interests of sleep technologists. They provide you with the most current  education topics that you need to truly grow in your role.

They're also a huge provider of continuing education credits (CECs) for sleep technologists; including Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGTs), registered sleep technologists (RSTs) and Certified Polysomnographic Technicians (CPSGTs).

Membership organizations like AAST provide sleep professionals in all facets of sleep medicine and technology with the Support,  Science, Education, and Networking needed to truly engage in the field of sleep medicine. They help members evolve in their sleep medicine careers by defining continuously advancing and innovative technologies and providing education focused on patient care.

As a member of AAST, you get access to up to 32 CECs annually for free.  As your professional organization, AAST aims to ensure you can afford the high quality products, resources, and course offerings designed to ensure you stay up-to-date on your CECs and current in the field. They'll assist you in tracking your earned CECs so you'll know how many you currently have and how many you need to get to meet your requirements (50 CECs in a 5-year period).

Value of CECs for Sleep Technologists

Sleep medicine is an engaging and progressive field of study.  Similar to other evolving fields of study, it's essential that you stay updated with all new technology, research, and procedures to maintain your professionalism and stay relevant.

CECs are important for the sleep technologist, including RPSGTs and RSTs and for licensing. They're also important and required for sleep center accreditation.

As a sleep technologist, there are certain standards you need to maintain in order to stay certified.  You need to earn a minimum of 50 CECs in a 5-year period or re-take your certification exam. In most cases, sleep technologists prefer to earn their CECs.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways a membership organization helps you earn more CECs.

1. Yearly CECs Included with Membership

When you join a membership organization, you have the opportunity to earn a lot of CECs for free.  As a member of AAST, you have access to two online learning modules a month at no charge to you.  These modules alone will earn you 24 CECs a year for free.  For non-members, these online learning modules alone would cost $1,080.

2. Discounted Online Learning Modules

Educators at AAST are constantly developing new resources so that sleep technologists are able to adapt and grow into the evolving roles in sleep medicine.  Members get free access each month to online learning modules designed to refine your skills and keep you up-to-date on the latest sleep technology advancements. Other AAST resources are available to help sleep technicians prepare for their certification examination.

Along with the free online learning modules and other ways to get free CECs, when you're a member of AAST, you have access to additional CECs at a reduced rate. The Online Learning Center on the AAST website is the leading sleep technologist resource to help you learn new skills, gain knowledge in sleep medicine and sleep technology, and prepare for certifications.  Leading experts in the field of sleep technology developed this online learning center, and you get this education right at your fingertips delivered on-demand to your mobile device or desktop.

View the presentations instantly on your device and earn CECs by taking a short post-test after the presentation.

Online Learning Modules include:

  • AAST Journal Club
  • Case of the Month
  • Professional Education Resources
  • Live Course Presentations

You will have access to all learning modules purchased for 30 days from first access.

3. Discounted Rates on Events

Events and conferences are a great way to earn your CECs as a sleep technologist as well. This is because you're able to network with other professionals in the field and learn directly from experts. As an AAST member, you even get discounts on events AAST hosts.

During events, like the Annual Meeting, you have access to reduced rates for admission and workshops.  You also get your CECs included with your registration fees (non-members have to pay for this perk).

4. More Opportunities to Earn CECs than Non-Members

Membership organizations offer resources that are exclusive to their members.  For example, as an AAST member, you have access to the A2Zzz magazine.  Now, while everyone can access this magazine, only members of AAST will actually earn 2 CECs for each issue they read, up to 8 CECs a year.

5. Bonus: Access to CEC Transcripts

It's essential that you stay current with your CECs and keep track of them so you can avoid having your credentials expire and having to retake your certification exam.

Although this bonus isn't necessarily a way to "earn" CECs, it can be a helpful way of keeping track of the CECs you've already earned and how many more you need.  Members get this bonus exclusively and it's included in your membership fees.

You have access to an online transcript of your CECs as a benefit of your membership.  You can print this transcript and use it to demonstrate your completion of continuing education requirements for maintaining your certification.

AAST transcripts track all of your awarded CECs by educational providers offering AAST CECs.

Though the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (BRPT), the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM), and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recognize the AAST transcript, there are specific requirements put in place by these and other organizations for how CECs are provided for audits, certification, and recertification.  If needed you can download and print individual certificates for these purposes.

You can generate the AAST transcript by CEC program type, by date or by a range of dates for your convenience.  You can also download, save, and print the transcript or your CEC certificate. This provides you with an array of options to help you easily meet all your audit, certification, and recertification requirements.

About AAST

The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST), is the leading membership organization for professionals who are devoted to improving the wakefulness and quality of sleep in all people.  AAST commits to advancing and promoting the sleep technologist career while continuing to meet the educational and professional needs of over 4,200 members.

When you join AAST as a member, you gain access to benefits that are exclusive to members only including training opportunities, online resources, and more. Some benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Free Member CECs: As a member of AAST, each month you have access to two online learning modules for free.  You can earn up to 32 CECs annually for free.
  • Exclusive Education Resources: Get access to up-to-date resources developed by AAST educators to help you adapt to the changes in the sleep medicine field.
  • Network with Sleep Technologist Professionals: You can meet, socialize, and work together with other professionals of like mind as a member of AAST.
  • Standardized Education: AAST is a top contributor in the standardized education of sleep technologists.
  • CEC Transcripts: As an AAST member, you have access to the AAST online transcript system that helps you track your earned CECs.
  • Discounts on Educational Products and Events: Enjoy deep discounts on registration fees to seasonal AAST courses and the AAST Annual Meeting.
  • Award Recognition: AAST recognizes members annually for their professional service, excellence, and more.
  • A2Zzz: Receive an online subscription to AAST's quarterly official publication, A2Zzz.
  • Advocacy for the career of the sleep technologist.

Overall, the AAST promotes sleep wellness and guides you as a sleep technologist through advocacy, education, and resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • Membership organizations are important resources for the sleep technologist to stay up-to-date and skilled in the sleep medicine field.
  • As a member of AAST, you earn free CECs to meet your 5-year 50 CECs requirement.
  • Get access to online learning modules and events and earn CECs.
  • Get access to your online transcript to keep track of your CECs.
  • AAST is the leading membership association for sleep technologists.

When you become a member of AAST, you're engaging in lifelong learning.  The AAST is the most effective and strongest advocate you'll need in the sleep medicine field, and they provide the most comprehensive resources for your education and networking as a sleep technologist. You can become a member of AAST by clicking here and start enjoying all the perks that come along with your membership.

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