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By: Kevin Asp on November 3rd, 2015

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A Sleep Disorder Anatomical Model Worth Noticing


anatomical model

Consider showing your patients how sleep apnea and sleep disorders affect their respiratory systems

The National Sleep Foundation just announced the release their Sleep Disordered Breathing Anatomical Model, a tool sleep technologists can use to inform their patients on how our respiratory functions are affected by sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

Some features worth noting include:

  • The ability for sleep technologists to show the anatomical differences between normal and obstructed breathing to patients.
  • The ability for patients to touch and feel the 3D model.

Consider checking this model out for your sleep center.

And don't forget, the AAST has been a comprehensive resource for sleep technologists on the following topics and issues as well. Click on the link to read our guides on:

Four alternative Sleep apnea treatment methods

A side-by-side comparison of home sleep testing and in-lab testing

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