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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on October 13th, 2015

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FAQs: How to Find Your AAST CEC Transcript

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Do you have questions about getting Continuing Education Credits (CEC) with AAST?

The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) administers the primary continuing education program for sleep technologists. AAST Continuing Education Credits are recognized by the leading certification bodies for sleep technologists and are awarded for the completion of educational activities that meet the AAST's high standards of excellence. 

We get many calls from members who want to learn more about getting continuing education credits through AAST. Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis:

1. How many CECs can a person earn at the Annual Meeting?

AAST annual meetings are the longest running professional conference of sleep technologists. Every year, the number of CECs that can be earned varies, but attending the annual meeting has allowed individuals to earn up to 19.75 credits. Read our article on Best Sleep Medicine Conferences for CECs: National, Regional, & Local.

2. How can I find my CEC Transcript from the AAST?

AAST members can retrieve their CEC Transcript at any time by logging in at the AAST website and clicking “My CEC Credits." You can access the link that allows you to view your transcript here.

3. Why are some of the continuing education credits which I have earned not listed on the AAST Transcript?

The AAST updates the CEC Transcript based on student lists received from educational providers whose programs were approved by the AAST CEC Program. AAST CECs are only tracked for AAST members in good standing during the time they are members. Please allow 90 days after the completion of an educational program for your AAST CEC Transcript to be updated. If the student list received by the AAST does not have sufficient information, your AAST CECs may not be reflected on your AAST CEC Transcript. 

There are also 4 Easy Ways to Earn CEC Credits that you should check out.

4. Why isn’t the educational program that I attended that offered CME, CRCE, or CEU credits listed on my AAST CEC Transcript? 

The AAST CEC Transcript only lists educational programs that were approved for AAST CECs. The AAST tracks credits from those educational providers who applied for AAST CECs in advance of the session/workshop date. A number of credit hours for each educational program is determined by the AAST. Educational providers are required to list the number of credit hours approved by the AAST in the program and submit the AAST CEC Student List of attendees to the association for verification and tracking purposes. 

5. What happens to credits that are not on my AAST CEC Transcript? Do I lose them?

After attending an approved educational program you should have received a letter or certificate from the educational provider verifying your attendance and number of credits earned. These letters and certificates are accepted as proof of credits and can be submitted to the BRPT or ABSM when you recertify.

6. Can I turn in certificates of completion from other educational programs that I attended in the current year to receive AAST CECs?

Unfortunately, the AAST only awards CECs to educational providers whose programs meet the AAST CEC standards and were approved by the association in advance of the session/workshop date. Credits earned through AAST CEC Program will count towards RPSGT or RST recertification. The AAST is unable to process individual requests after the educational program is completed.

7. What should I do with my certificates of completion that provide credit hours (CME, CEU, CRCE) approved by other organizations and are accepted towards my recertification requirements by BRPT or ABSM?

Keep those certificates on file and submit them to BRPT or ABSM along with your AAST Transcript when your recertification is due.

8. I submitted my AAST CEC Evaluation Form for the latest issue of A2Zzz a few weeks ago and have not received my confirmation letter. When will I receive it?

Confirmation letters acknowledging that you have earned 1.5 AAST CECs will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks after the deadline to participating technologists who successfully complete this activity. 

But, wait I still have questions about CECs!

If you still have questions that are unanswered by this blog post, please complete the Annual AAST CEC Educational Transcript Appeal Form (which will be responded to in 10 business days) or you can contact us directly at coordinator@aastweb.org.

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