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By: AAST Associate Editor on November 21st, 2019

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AAST Member Q&A: Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

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Brendan2Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, RST, CCSH, is a certified sleep educator at the St. Charles Hospital Sleep Disorders Center. He currently serves on multiple AAST committees including the Strategic Content Council and Membership Advisory Council.  AAST recently spoke with Duffy about the value of being a member and how being involved with AAST has impacted his career.

AAST: What made you join AAST? What makes you continue to be a member?

Brendan Duffy: I think it is important as a professional to learn and grow with likeminded individuals. I joined as soon as I came to the profession and it has been a great educational and networking venue. I continue to join for the great current information that is offered as well as the work behind the scenes that I am fortunate to assist with as a member of the board of directors. I have met so many fantastic people via my membership and have had great opportunities come about just by engaging in my career at 100%!

AAST: What do you personally enjoy about being an AAST member? 

BD: I enjoy being aware of the current happenings within the field such as the growth of the CCSH offerings and the growing future of RPSGT membership on an international level! Exciting times!

AAST: What has been a positive experience/moment/event from AAST that personally resonates with you?

BD: I enjoy writing for A2Zzz magazine. It offers me a forum to get my thoughts and articles out to a large audience. 

I actually just came across an article I wrote about sports performance and sleep back in 2005, which was well before it was as big a topic as it is now. Now I am traveling nationally speaking about this topic and getting to meet and learn from several of the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL sleep doctors that are involved in this line of work. For example, just this morning I was speaking with and congratulating Dr. Meeta Singh who helped the Washington Nationals win a World Series via her sleep coaching strategies!

That article was my first dabbling into what I have become totally immersed in now as my niche – sleep and sports. AAST and A2Zzz are often the first to discuss topics that keep technologists ahead of the curve when it comes to sleep medicine and current or future trends.

AAST: How has being an AAST member helped you in being a sleep technologist? 

BD: Membership has kept me aware of this changing field and my role as a board member has certainly been an education for me as to the time and dedication invested freely by fellow technologists as board and committee members. There truly is a caring community here and I am fortunate to be able to work with caring and smart sleep leaders.   

AAST: Anything else to share?

BD: I encourage all sleep technologists to join the AAST and invest in themselves. When, as a sleep center manager, I interview a potential technologist, I certainly like to see that they are an AAST member because it shows a commitment to the field, a thirst for current information and a fellowship to their fellow sleep technologists. So I totally recommend those technologists on the sidelines to join, volunteer, grow their network, enjoy the friendships and have wonderful careers as AAST sleep technologists!  

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