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By: AAST Associate Editor on December 5th, 2019

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AAST Member Q&A: Kristina Davis, RPSGT, RST

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Kristina2Kristina Davis, RPSGT, RST, is a polysomnography technology program director at Coahoma Community College and currently serves on AAST’s CEC Accreditation Committee. We recently spoke with Davis about her love for AAST and how being a member has been a valuable part of her life.

AAST: What made you join AAST? What makes you continue to be a member?

Kristina Davis: To have the support and resources from our national organization.

AAST: What do you personally enjoy about being an AAST member?

KD: The learning center resources and updated information.

AAST: What has been a positive experience/moment/event from AAST that personally resonates with you?

KD: I was asked to serve on a committee, which was awesome! As busy as I am, if we can all do a little, it helps make the AAST OUR organization.

AAST: How has being an AAST member helped you in being a sleep technologist?

KD: I am an educator of sleep medicine so I feel like the resources and updated materials help me prepare my students properly.

AAST: What made you want to join an AAST committee? What is the value of being on an AAST committee?

KD: Someone I hold in a high regard for his accomplishments and knowledge recommended me. As a committee member, I have learned a lot concerning continuing education credits. I feel as if I am able to help my state sleep society organization as well as others with my background.

AAST: Anything else to share?

KD: The AAST is a great organization, which offers CECs, learning resources and articles to improve the field of sleep medicine.

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