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By: AAST Associate Editor on December 11th, 2019

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AAST Member Q&A: Dr. Gerald “Jerry” George Mannikarote, MBBS, MBA, RPSGT

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Jerry2Dr. Gerald “Jerry” George Mannikarote, MBBS, MBA, RPSGT, is a healthcare sales and marketing professional with previous experience working in the clinical aspect of the sleep field. Currently, he serves on AAST’s CEC Accreditation Committee. AAST recently caught up with Mannikarote to discuss his love for AAST and how being a member has benefited his life both personally and professionally.

AAST: What made you join AAST? What makes you continue to be a member?

Jerry Mannikarote: AAST gives you a feeling of community. The chance to be a part of a larger movement. I continue to be a member to keep abreast of the latest in the world of sleep technology.

AAST: What do you personally enjoy about being an AAST member?

JM: Meeting other members!

AAST: What has been a positive experience/moment/event from AAST that personally resonates with you?

JM: The ability to meet and connect with other sleep technologists.

AAST: How has being an AAST member helped you in being a sleep technologist?

JM: I am not on the clinical side anymore. AAST helps me keep close to the world of sleep technology and sleep medicine.

AAST: What made you want to join an AAST committee? What is the value of being on an AAST committee?

JM: I was actually pushed into it by another committee member! But I decided to stay on because I believe I am able to give back to the community that gave me so much.

AAST: Anything else to share?

JM: I think all sleep technologists should volunteer some time for AAST.

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