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By: Kevin Asp on June 17th, 2015

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2015 AAST Awards: AAST Service Award Winner Lisa Bond



AAST Service Award winner Lisa Bond shares her story on getting the most out of your AAST membership

Each year we've recognized individual members for their professional excellence, service and commitment to the association and to the sleep technology profession. They have inspired us with their commitment and passion to educate and innovate our members. Congratulations to this 
year's winners, and a big thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for them!

Lisa Bond, RST, RPSGT, has spent more than half of her 20-year-plus tenure in the healthcare field helping people get the sleep they need. On June 8, during the 37th AAST annual meeting she was awarded for her “significant contributions to the growth and development of the sleep technology profession.”

For more than a decade Lisa has worked as an acquisition technologist, a sleep laboratory manager and has assumed many other roles during her career. But her dedication to everything sleep-related has extended beyond her office L.Bond Consulting and Scoring

Since she joined AAST in the 90s, Lisa has been an active member who has believed in the mission of AAST to educate and inform sleep technologists and act as a reservoir of knowledge for those in the sleep profession.

“I have been dedicated to putting out material on what AAST can do for our sleep technologists, letting people know about the benefits of being a member,” she said. “A lot of technologists do not realize what AAST can do for them.”

The challenge Lisa saw was connecting, engaging and educating members of AAST to the plethora of resources and guidance the organization can offer. Before she joined the Membership and Communications Committee, Lisa was exposed to the educational resources of AAST through her involvement with the CEC Committee.

The biggest thing members should take advantage of, according to Lisa, is the commitment and responsiveness AAST has in answering the various concerns and questions that sleep technologists have throughout their profession.

“Right now, some sleep technologists go to online forums to ask these technical questions but the problem is that by relying on these small forums you are not getting the full resources that you deserve,” said Lisa. “To get your big picture answers contact AAST, the organization that represents you, and can give you answers that have been vetted by several knowledgeable people in the field.”

Relying on outside forums to get answers is one of the biggest mistakes members make, she added.

In an effort to increase awareness of AAST’s resources, she has reached and informed many members through her efforts on social media. She has also been an avid blogger, writing about topics that range from being a good sleep technologist to becoming an AAST Committee or board member.

Lisa’s advice on getting more involved to make the most out of your membership?

Start by contacting someone on a membership committee, find out what they are doing and start small by being involved in tasks that are easiest and work best for you.

“By joining a membership committee, you get to find out what others are doing and what works best for you,” she said. “If you love what you do then it’s not work, and the best part of joining a committee is that you become exposed to great people and great stuff.”

Want to learn more about what it's like to become a committee member? Do you want to shadow an AAST committee member?

Click here to find out who your local AAST committee members are.

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