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By: Kevin Asp on February 8th, 2016

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Ask The President: Is there a Program To Train Old RPSGTs for a Clinician Role?

Sleep Technologist Advice


Here's our response to one of our recent Ask The President submissions! 

One of our members asked Laura Linley, the president of the AAST the following question:

Please, do you know if there is a program to train old RSPGTs for a type of clinician job?  I really feel there is a need for this.  I have 31 years in the field and am a CRT in respiratory since 1980 and I see where we could really be a help, like an NP?

Here is what Laura had to say:

The AAST actually has a couple of initiatives to promote education and skills for the evolving sleep clinician.image002.gif

The AAST is teaming up with the Southern Sleep Society (SSS) to host an advanced clinical course at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville, North Carolina on April 7, 2016.  The  course will precede the SSS’s 38th Annual Meeting.  This 8-hour course titled “Essential Skills in Sleep Education – Tools for Career Advancement” is designed for allied health professionals who are focused toward education in clinical sleep health.  The speakers presenting this course include many leaders in the field of sleep education.  For more information about the course and to register, make sure to visit the SSS’s website. 

We have also established an Educational Taskforce to address the evolving technologist role.

The Taskforce is discussing the role of a technologist and how it is evolving.  Sleep technology does not become a profession until minimum education levels are established.  Sleep technologists are expanding their roles beyond performing PSG; technologists are currently providing higher-level therapies such as ASV, AVAPS, OAT, and Trilogy and expanding into patient education and care management roles.  These tasks require additional higher-level training and education that includes critical thinking skills.   There are links to the CoA PSG programs offering associate degree options for sleep technologists listed on our website at http://www.aastweb.org/educational-resources.  Many of these programs take into account your work experience and credential when you are seeking a degree.

Thank you for reaching out,

Laura A Linley, RST, RPSGT

AAST President

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