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Sleep Technology


The latest on all issues affecting sleep technologists, including trends, insights, tips and more.

Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, Centegra Health System

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Sleep Technology: An Educator’s Perspective

By: Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH, Centegra Health System
May 2nd, 2018

This is part three in a six-part series on the evolution of the sleep technologist. AAST has engaged professionals from across allied healthcare to address, from their perspective, the value of collaborating closer with sleep technologists and/or incorporating the discipline into their area of health.  Evolution, by any stretch of the imagination, can be a hard concept to grasp. It involves acknowledging that what is happening at the moment might not be the best thing to bring into the future, but trusting that the unknown is going to lead you to where you should be. How we take care of our patients today needs to adapt to the changing healthcare environment, where reimbursements are fluctuating and insurance payors are creating an uncertain future. The way in which we have always done things needs to adapt to this new healthcare reality. The sleep field has evolved tremendously over the years, and the role of a sleep professional continues to grow within the sleep realm. 

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