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Sleep Technology


The latest on all issues affecting sleep technologists, including trends, insights, tips and more.

Julia Worrall RN, CCRN, SANE, Executive Director, FACE

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Sleep Technology: A Nursing Perspective

By: Julia Worrall RN, CCRN, SANE, Executive Director, FACE
May 22nd, 2018

This is the final installment in a six-part series on the evolution of the sleep technologist role. AAST has engaged professionals from across allied healthcare to address, from their perspective, the value of collaborating more closely with sleep technologists and/or incorporating the discipline into their area of health. Nurses, Heal Thyself! I am a nurse. I have been for 20 years, and I have been tired for those entire two decades. I am not alone. As nurses, we are called upon to be superheroes ... impervious to things like hunger, pain, sadness and fatigue. We keep going. As the years go on we become crusty and curt. We proudly earn the nickname ‘Nurse Ratchett’. We show up. We put aside our fatigue to care for patients because we consider the need for sleep to be a character flaw; only for the weak. A true nurse can churn out shift after shift, even on minimal sleep because we will never abandon our patients.

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