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By: Kevin Asp on January 11th, 2016

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Become an AAST Board of Directors member by applying today!



The AAST is now accepting nominations for board of directors members to join us in 2016!

 In 2016, there will be four open positions on the board of directors. The open positions technologists can apply for are the following: President-Elect, Secretary and two Director-at-Large positions.

Requirements for becoming a board of directors member

In order to be considered for a board of directors position, you must thoroughly complete the online application as well as meet the following requirements:

  • Be a regular member of the AAST in good standing for three consecutive years.
  • Work full-time in the sleep technology profession.
  • Have five years of experience working in the sleep technology profession.
  • Only those individuals who are currently serving on the AAST Board of Directors are eligible for the position of President-Elect.

If you meet all of the criteria listed above, make sure to send in your application by February 8, 2016

What else should I know about becoming a board of directors member?

You must be willing to make the time commitment

Serving as a board of directors member of the AAST requires you to set aside time to become an active board member.  Members of the AAST Board of Directors are required to attend up to five (5) face-to-face meetings (that require weekend travel) annually over the three year term.

I submitted my application, what's next?

The Ethics Committee and Nominations and Elections Committee will review each nominee and present their recommendations for the 2016 election.  Should you have any questions about the nomination and election process, please feel free to contact the AAST Coordinator at the AAST National Office at coordinator@aastweb.org or (630) 737-9704.

Learn more about what the 2015 board of directors members have to say:

Q+A: Meet the Board of Directors

5 Easy Steps to Becoming an AAST Committee or Board of Directors member volunteer

To nominate yourself or someone else click on the button below!

Make a Difference, Nominate Yourself Today!

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Because of the implementation of his best practices of Implementing Inbound Marketing in its Medical Practice, he turned the once stagnant online presence of Alaska Sleep Clinic to that of "The Most Trafficked Sleep Center Website in the World" in just 18 months time.

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