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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on February 10th, 2016

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Become an Insurance Coverage Expert! Learn about HSAT Coding, Billing and Policies

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HSAT coding, billing and policies can be confusing, but not anymore with the AAST's Online Module on Insurance Coverage!

For many of us, billing and coding for Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) can still be a tricky topic.  But the good news is that there are several immensely helpful online resources available to clear up some of the most common questions asked about coding and billing for these sleep testing methods.

We recently wrote about how to get reimbursed for home sleep apnea testing and the AAST also has an excellent online module on what to do with insurance denials here

To learn more about billing and coding for sleep studies, here are the top resources you can check out for your some of the most frequently asked questions about insurance coverage:


1. The AAST's CEC-awarding online course module on The New Sleep Center Model - Insurance Coverage: Coding, Billing and Policies

As one of the most comprehensive resources available to sleep technologists, this online course module gives a thorough overview of the billing and coding aspects of HSAT, an in-depth discussion of  appropriate coding and expectations for reimbursement and business model alternatives for sleep center managers.  Not only does this course offer 1 CEC, but   AAST members have access to the module at a discounted price. 

Can't wait to get your hands on our module?  Click here to gain instant access!


2. Check out the AASM's Coding FAQs

The AASM also has a comprehensive FAQ section for those curious about the most common billing and coding issues here

Common questions like what is the code for actigraphy and what billing code should I use for the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test are answered in this long list of frequently asked questions


3. Got questions about oral appliances? Check out this informative article on medical billing for oral appliance therapy 

In this article, the author points out that there are no specific dental codes available for oral appliances used for obstructive sleep apnea therapy.  However, the article does give readers insight into some tips on how to  successfully be reimbursed for oral appliance therapy. 

Do you have a go-to resource for insurance coding and billing questions?  Let us know in the comments section or email us at yha@aastweb.org!

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