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By: Brendan Duffy on November 30th, 2015

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Becoming an AAST Member is Easy



“What’s in it for me?” This is a popular refrain when it comes to becoming a member of any organization. It also is a totally understandable consideration when it involves your time and hard earned cash. As a new sleep technician, I wanted to be the best professional technician, and ultimately technologist I could be and sought out the official national organization for sleep technicians and technologists –The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST).

Get access to amazing resources

The AAST offers outstanding educational resources including the A2Zzz magazine which features tremendous, relevant, well written articles about current and future sleep topics… The A2Zzz includes articles about scoring sleep studies, cardiac arrhythmias, changes in rules for sleep center managers, and even some cartoons from time to time. This gem of a publication is online, is accessible to all, and includes CEC credits for AAST members!

Stay informed and help make a difference

I have been an AAST member for the two decades that I have been in this field. Membership in one’s official professional organization is important to me. Over 4,200 sleep professional AAST members apparently feel the same way! Being a member states to others that you are invested in yourself and in your profession. It lets employers know that you care enough to stay informed on the latest technologies and changes occurring in the field… and for some technologists; it may even lead to that ideal job or employer via the AAST Website Job Postings!

Network with other AAST members across the nation

Membership has provided me with a network of great sleep contacts throughout the nation! – And even in Alaska! These are people that truly care about their careers enough to be “all in”. They invest many hours of their personal time to make the AAST an organization of which each member can be proud! Even before this year when I became more than a dues paying member, I always respected the time and efforts of the AAST volunteers.

 Get access to Continued Education Credits (CEC's)

The AAST is a great organization. Membership includes a bountiful number of CEC’s that provide high quality educational offerings for technologists at all levels. Policies and procedures, guidelines, competencies and numerous case studies and article reviews are available along with many learning modules on current and newly relevant topics. Check out the AAST website to see all of the resources available.

The AAST now offers up to 32 CEC’s per year as a membership benefit –that alone is a great bargain for the annual membership fee. Membership also provides discounts for registration for AAST courses and the annual meeting (in Seattle this year!). It also provides you an advocate to assist with any regional or state sleep technologist license or certification questions or issues that you may have.

Be at the top of your professional field

The AAST represents the profession of Sleep Technology, and the technologists who work in the field. Your representatives are volunteers and your peers. Now that I can afford more time “giving back” to my sleep profession, I have discovered that volunteering has had a tremendous impact in my sleep knowledge base as well as my professional contacts! I have met some wonderful AAST volunteers that have fascinated me with stories of what they have experienced in their careers. They also, along with me, have a keen eye on what lies ahead for the profession and are working to assure that the educational tools we need as professionals are available. If you are already a member, I can assure you – your AAST is in great hands under the leadership of the people and staff I have met.

If you are not a member, I encourage you to take the plunge and jump into your career whole heartedly. And if you are willing to volunteer, that is where you will experience firsthand the “behind the scenes” magic that I have discovered this first year of volunteering!

So that’s it… I hope I have been able to put in words the fun I am having as a member- and an AAST volunteer.

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