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By: AAST Associate Editor on August 19th, 2021

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Dear AAST: Can You Break Down the Career Resources on Your Website?

Dear AAST | career in sleep

Dear AAST,

I recently discovered your website has a career center for sleep professionals. I’m seeing links for guidelines, competencies, and even a job board. Are all of these resources free for me to use? And are their resources available for me to learn more about different careers for sleep technologists?


Resource Wonderer


Dear Resource Wonderer,

We’re glad you asked! The AAST “Career” tab of the website houses an array of resources for sleep professionals in all stages of their professional journey. All of the content listed under this tab of the website is free for members to use, download and read. Whether you’re new to the sleep field or have 20 years under your belt, our career resources are meant to guide you in your professional journey and ensure quality and consistency in the sleep technology profession.

While we encourage you to review each page of content listed under the Career tab, the following is a list of key resources:

  • Scope of Practice: This webpage gives an overview of the sleep technologist position, including the procedures they can expect to perform on the job.
  • Technical Guidelines: Developed by the AAST Standards and Guidelines Committee, and approved by the AAST Board of Directors, these guidelines are in-depth professional references for sleep technologist. There are over 10 guideline downloads available, with each containing the scope, definition and procedure for a clinical role.
  • Core Competencies: Also developed by the AAST Standards and Guidelines Committee, and approved by the AAST Board of Directors, the core competencies are to be used for education and evaluation purposes. Sleep technologists who satisfy the 11 core competencies meet AAST’s standards of professional knowledge.
  • Job Board: AAST members looking for a new job in the sleep field can create a free account and easily browse and apply to current job openings listed in the AAST Career Center. (Note: Employers must pay a job posting fee to post listings. Contact info@aastweb.org for more information.)

For information on career development, we recommend reviewing the various job descriptions listed on our Sleep Technology Job Descriptions webpage. These descriptions have been established by AAST, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) and offer sleep technologists insight into the evolving opportunities taking place in the health care space and in sleep medicine and technology.

Need additional assistance navigating the career resources or AAST job board? Contact us today at info@aastweb.org or 312-321-5191.

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