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By: AAST Associate Editor on June 18th, 2021

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Dear AAST: Can You Help Me Better Navigate the AAST Learning Center?

Dear AAST | Learning Center | CECs

Dear AAST,

I’ve logged into the Learning Center but I’m not sure where to get started with online education. Can you help me better understand the Learning Center and what is housed in it?


Interested Learner


Dear Interested Learner,

We’re happy to help! For some background, AAST’s Learning Center houses educational resources and products that are delivered on demand to your desktop or mobile device. Resources and products available include AAST Journal Club offerings, live course presentations and bundles, and professional education modules. AAST products in the Learning Center are available for up to 120 days after purchase and/or download ― see individual product page for specific timing.

CEC Information

AAST CECs offered for on-demand products are earned by completing the post-test knowledge assessment that follows each presentation, article, module, etc., in the Learning Center.

Note: CEC offerings vary for courses and course bundles. See specific course/product landing page in the Learning Center for CEC information.

Additional Offerings to Look for

The Learning Center also has AAST practice exams that allow sleep professionals to test their understanding of sleep and the profession. Additionally, AAST-specific educational products such as the CCSH Designated Education Program Recorded Modules, Advanced Pediatrics Module Series and Advanced Sleep Titration e-Learning Course modules can be purchased in the Learning Center.

For additional help on navigating the Learning Center, visit the Learning Center FAQ page here.

Visit the Learning Center

Have questions you’d like AAST to answer? Email them to AAST Editor Monica Roselli at mroselli@aastweb.org.