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By: AAST Associate Editor on March 18th, 2022

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Dear AAST: What Are My Exclusive Member Benefits?

Membership | Dear AAST

Dear AAST,

I know with my AAST membership I can earn up to 20 free continuing education credits, but what else does my membership give me? Are there special perks I qualify for?


Curious Member


Dear Curious Member,

We’re glad you asked! From continuing education credits (CECs) to discounts on educational products and job postings in our Career Center, your AAST membership unlocks exclusive benefits all year long.

Exclusive Member Discounts

AAST members enjoy discounts on all of our online educational products. Whether you’re looking to advance your career and obtain your Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) or want to learn more about the correlation between one’s heart and sleep with our new “Fundamentals of EKG” series, members are able to purchase educational products at a discounted rate. Members can visit the Learning Center to view current offerings.

Career Center Perks

As an AAST member, you’re able to post your resume and apply for jobs directly in our Career Center. Members are also able to post their own job offerings at a discounted rate any time.

Continuing Education Tracking

Members have all-day access and perspectives to an online transcript of the CECs they have earned through AAST right at their fingertips in the Member Center. Additionally, you can download and print your certificates and use them to demonstrate that you have met the CEC requirements for maintenance of your certifications.

Access to the Latest Industry News

Released quarterly, AAST’s magazine, “A2Zzz,” includes technical education, forward-thinking perspectives and thought leadership from industry leaders. As a member, you can receive up to two free CECs per issue.

For additional information about your exclusive AAST member benefits, visit https://www.aastweb.org/membership.

Have questions you’d like AAST to answer? Email them to AAST Editor Monica Roselli at mroselli@aastweb.org.