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By: The AAST Associate Editor on October 6th, 2022

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Don't Forget to Prep for STAW!


Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week (STAW) 2022 will take place Oct. 23-29. The week allows the sleep community to applaud the numerous accomplishments made in sleep disorders centers, laboratories, educational facilities and within AAST this past year. STAW will be here before you know it — so don’t hit the snooze button on planning! Below are a few ways you can prepare to celebrate in the days and weeks leading up to STAW.

1. Start Writing Thank You Notes

A note of thanks goes the extra mile in making teammates feel appreciated. Ask your administration and other key stakeholders to show their thanks, too, by signing your note or writing one of their own. Consider circulating an e-card of thanks so multiple people can access the card and sign their praises at once.

2. Create a Learning Opportunity

Are there specific job-related skills your employees want to know more about? Set time aside during STAW for a learning and development initiative and invite a special guest with expertise in that subject area to spend the day at your facility.

3. Place an Order at a Popular Bakery

Is there a special donut place your team can’t get enough of, or a new bakery down the street? Desserts are a great option for saying thanks and always a sweet surprise. Consider placing an order to sweeten your celebrations.

4. Spotlight the Go-Getters

Are there individuals on your staff always lending helping hands, or going the extra mile to ensure excellence? Uplift their work by submitting kudos to your facility’s newsletter, printing off appreciation certificates or giving out trophies. Let them know their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

5. Support a Cause

Ask your team to choose a cause or organization close to their hearts. Encourage your team members to donate, and match these contributions (or a percentage) as an organization.

Have something planned for STAW? Share how you are celebrating with us! Connect with AAST on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn throughout the week using #STAW2022.