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By: AAST Editor on October 1st, 2017

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Fall Course Speaker Preview: Dr. Earl O. Bergersen

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Fall Course Speaker Preview: Dr. Earl O Bergersen

In 1968, Dr. Earl Bergersen developed the Ortho-Tain® Preformed Positioner, followed by the Occlus-o-Guide® Eruption Guidance Appliance, and the Nite-Guide® Eruption Guidance Appliance, thus spearheading interceptive orthodonics. He holds more than 450 patents throughout the world.

In fact, most braceless orthodontics, invisible aligners, and removable braces today utilize the foundation of research studies and FDA-approvals earned by Dr. Bergersen as the pioneer of braceless orthodontics.

Dr. Bergersen will be discussing ‘The Use of Oral Appliance to Modify SDB in Pediatric Patients’ at the 2017 KYSS/AAST fall course October 13th-14th in Louisville, KY. For registration info go to: https://www.aastweb.org/FallCourse

The KYSS had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Bergersen about his exciting presentation. This Q&A originally appeared on the KYSS Facebook page


KYSS: Can you describe the importance of the topic you are presenting as it relates to sleep professionals?

Dr. Bergersen: The importance of Sleep Disordered Breathing in young children and is direct relation and preventability to orthodontic factors cannot be understated. Research has confirmed that 9 out of 10 children exhibit one or more outward symptoms of sleep disordered breathing. Dental and Medical professionals are in a unique position to collaborate in treatment of these children. Currently, the ADA is voting on a new policy that will require every dentist to evaluate the airway as well as improper growth and development of the pediatric patient and its impact on sleep issues. Incorporating sleep into a dental practice in my opinion, will be one of the most significant additions to the dental profession. Changing children's lives permanently is the most rewarding experience.

KYSS: What is the one key takeaway that attendees can expect from you session?

Dr. Bergersen: The key point is how the dental professional is a very important element in being able to prevent life changing health issues for the developing child. It is each dentist's responsibility to look at the whole child and educate parent and patient of the importance of sleep and proper breathing. Educating parents to look for the outward symptoms and then allowing the dentist to evaluate and identify the underlying root causes of Sleep Disordered Breathing and its proper correction.

KYSS: Can you provide a few thoughts on the role of continuing education programs like this course for helping professionals refine and enhance their knowledge?

Dr. Bergersen: Education of the Dental Professional may be the most significant factor in permanently curing significant sleep issues at an early age to prevent cardiovascular risk factors at older ages. The three most meaningful factors for a healthy life are sleep, nutrition and exercise and when we understand how abnormal sleep can affect normal development, sleep must be ranked as the most critical of the three. Attending these CE courses is critical for all dental professionals so that we can receive the most up to date information, research and treatment options available in order to provide the highest standard of care to each and every patient.