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By: Kevin Asp on July 21st, 2015

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INFOGRAPHIC: Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Sleep Medicine | Sleep Technologist Advice

What are some tips for getting better sleep?

This week, we came across this simple infographic from Sputnik News that explains the basics of good sleep hygiene.

Although it's labeled "How to Deal with Insomnia," the infographic is better used as a chart to explain great sleep hygiene. Insomnia is not something you can treat on your own (or even have magically disappear) so consulting a sleep physician is always recommended first. 

As sleep technologists, we may take these rules for granted, but share this information with those who may not know the basics of getting a healthy dose of sleep.  They may benefit from looking at this easy-to-understand infographic.


Sleep technologists, what other tips do you encourage your patients to follow to get a better night's sleep?

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