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By: Kevin Asp on December 11th, 2015

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Is Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST) Right For You?

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Considerations for every sleep technologist when considering OCST

Out of center sleep testing has become an increasingly popular option for sleep specialists that want to take an alternative approach to sleep testing. There are several different assessment methods sleep technologists can take use to conduct diasgnostic testing on patients which include: in center testing, trend oximetry, auto-adjusting PAP devices, actigraphy, sleep diaries, snore strips and audio/video recording.

The importance of understanding OCST accreditation standards by the AASM 

The AASM released it's guidelines for accreditation standards, which Shari Angel Newman, RST, RPSGT says is one of the most important determinants to whether establishing a OCST pratice would work for you.

In a webinar by the AAST, Ms. Newman reviews the issues relevant to OCST triage and the policies and procedures necessary for accreditation.

The webinar's discussion includes Information necessary for test scheduling and insurer requirements. Ms. Newman also identifies patient populations inappropriate for OCST. She also reviews samples from the presenters own policy and procedures and discusses her experience with AASM OCST accreditation.

To gauge whether OCST would be something you can excel in check out the AAST's CEC awarding webinar on OCST Policies and Triage here.

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