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By: Gerald George Mannikarote, MBBS, MBA, RPSGT on January 17th, 2019

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Leveraging Social Media to Fill Beds at Your Center – A Social Media Primer

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I’m sure you read the title and wondered “What does Snapchat have to do with filling beds in a sleep center?” Bunny ears and limb leads? Location filters and 10-20 paste? I hope this article will help connect the two.

We all know that we can’t have sleep studies without our patients. And we also know that patients come to our centers through our physicians. So, what causes the physician to send a patient to one sleep center versus another? Let’s look at that a little more in detail.

There are many factors that may contribute to a physician’s or a patient’s decision to go to one sleep facility or another. It could be better service. It could be better care. It could be better information. It could be a better relationship. It could be brand equity. The truth is there could be any number of reasons a patient may insist on going to a specific sleep center or a physician may choose to send them to. So, how does this link with social media?

Social media engages the consumer at the levels described above: service, care, information, relationships and brand equity, among other things. But before we talk about this, let’s look at social media in greater detail.

If you search “social media” on the web, you’ll probably get a ton of different definitions. I like the definition provided by investopedia.com the best. According to investopedia.com, social media is “a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and the building of virtual networks and communities.” I like this definition because it stresses the “building of virtual networks and communities.”

If you’ve used any form of social media, you’ve probably built a virtual network or community of friends or like-minded people. When using social media for business, it’s a very similar concept of building a community. You have to build your community and reach out to them.

In the rest of this article from the Q4 2018 issue of A2Zzz,  Gerald George Mannikarote provides more social media tips.

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