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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on April 29th, 2016

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Meet Our 2016 AAST Director-at-Large: Allen Boone


Meet our re-elected 2016 AAST Director-at-large Allen Boone

As our 2016 election for the AAST Board of Directors came to an end with the largest number of participating voters in history, newly re-elected Director-at-large Allen Boone shares his thoughts on winning this year's election. Allen has also recently shown us what it takes to plan for the biggest sleep technologist event of the year.

Q: Thoughts on your re-election? Is this your second time serving as the board of director member?  What can you tell us about the director at large position?

Allen: This is my second term,and it’s a great honor that the membership choose me to represent the Association for another term. It was exciting to see this year’s ballot and to read all the names of candidates willing to step up to the plate for the AAST. It’s great to see an increasing membership and an upswing of interest and participation in the Association. We’ve been working very hard to increase the AAST’s presence, and interest in this year’s election was a direct reflection of that hard work. It’s very re-energizing!

Q: For those of us unfamiliar with the different roles within the board of directors, how is the director at large position different from other positions within the board?

Allen: The Director-at-Large seat is a part of the overall Board’s legislative process. Board members in this position create proposals, make motions, and vote on board initiatives. The Directors-at-Large are assigned as liaisons to AAST standing and presidential committees. We work to convey the Board’s plans and initiatives to the committees and provide guidance and assistance to accomplish committee mandates. Liason positions can be reassigned when and where needed, whereas the Executive Board (president, president-elect or immediate past president, secretary and treasurer) are specifically elected seats for their terms.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as a director-at-large? Give me some examples of dream projects/initiatives you hope to accomplish.

Allen: As a Director-at-Large, my position is at the disposal of the Executive Committee and where they see I can have the greatest impact for the organization. To this end, I’m looking forward to the new board installations and the changes (if any) the EC makes. I can align accordingly to my assignment.

Q: What would you like to do differently this time during your new term?

Allen: This is no time to “ease off the pedal”, so to speak. The Board and committees have great depth; there is certainly no lack of creativity and initiative amongst the entire group! I am still amazed to think all the positive accomplishments and goals have come from a group that’s made up entirely of working volunteers.

We have many ideas and goals we want to accomplish. We all want the Association to continue to grow, but we have to assure we’re securing the foundation while continuing our upward build. To this end, we have recently been tasked with strengthening our policies and procedures within the committees. New orientation programs have been developed and will implemented this year for new board and committee members.

So, to answer the question, we need to keep plowing forward to continue to support our professional organization.

Q: Any advice for members who would like to get in touch with you for an idea or just for advice in general?

Allen: Members can certainly feel free to contact me via the AAST coordinators through coordinator@aastweb.org 

Q: Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to cover?

Allen: I think you've got it all… I'm looking forward to continuing my support in the development of the changing role of the sleep technology profession.

Q: What's one thing people would least expect from you?

 Allen: I have a very wide variety of musical tastes.

The AAST is always open to your thoughts and suggestions. Know a talented AAST member deserving recognition?  Nominate them as member of the month here!

Meet Allen and the newly elected board of directors members at our biggest sleep technologist event, the 38th annual AAST meeting in Denver, Colorado!

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