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By: Richard Rosenberg, PhD on June 7th, 2018

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Can’t Make it to a Live Course this Summer?


My travel budget is limited, and I’m sure yours is as well. When I can’t make it to a meeting, I can always get the meeting to come to me through AAST’s Learning Center. I can watch and learn in the comfort of my own home. I can pause to take the dog for a walk, grab a snack from the fridge or whatever. Here are a few of my favorites from recent courses:

  • “Preoperative Screening for Sleep Apnea: How to use STOP-Bang Questionnaire” by Frances Chung, MBBS, FRCPC. This lecture from the Current Technology Trends in Sleep Medicine course held jointly by AAST and the Kentucky Sleep Society is a comprehensive and data-driven review of the justification for pre-operative screening of patients. Dr. Chung begins by defining the problem of sudden post-surgical death in patients who have and have not been evaluated for possible OSA. Methodologies for assessment and a refinement of STOP-Bang is evaluated. (Nonmembers can purchase the course at a higher price.)
  • “Capnography” — the lecture from the 39th Annual Meeting that never was. Julie DeWitte, RPSGT, had laryngitis during the meeting but recorded her lecture when she recovered. She reviewed methods of assessment of carbon dioxide and listed patients and disorders where CO2 monitoring is helpful. Four informative cases were presented.
  • “Central Sleep Apnea” by Michelle Cao, MD. This is from the AAST fall course called “Beyond OSA” held in beautiful Branson, Missouri. Dr. Cao discussed the pathophysiology and treatment of central sleep apnea, with a focus on treatment and opiate-induced apneas. This lecture is a few years old but was one of the best I have heard. With the opiate epidemic in the news, it is still very relevant. (Nonmembers can purchase the course at a higher price.)

Online learning through the AAST website is a valuable resource. You can listen to a variety of lectures that you may have missed and get CEC credits from the comfort of your home. But there are advantages to attending a conference, such as interactions with speakers, networking, browsing through the exhibit area to see what new technology is available, and exploring an exotic new city.

If the urge to travel overtakes you and the resources are available, I highly recommend the AAST 2018 Annual Meeting, held Sept. 28-30 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (OK, maybe not so exotic, but a fun and affordable location.) The meeting will feature three keynote speakers, two distinguished lecture speakers and breakout sessions along with a Blues Night and a celebration of the AAST and BRPT 40th anniversary. Registration is open and the preliminary program is available.