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By: Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH on December 4th, 2020

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Recent Sleep Apnea News, December 2020

SLEEP APNEA WIRE final 1Sleep Apnea Wire is an occasional supplemental news report

capturing sleep breathing disorder news of relevant interest to

sleep technologists and sleep health educators not featured in

our regular news series, This Week in Sleep Medicine.


NOTE: Some links might require additional registration or password access. If you work in a sleep clinic, hospital system, or research institution, you should be able to allocate access through them. 
    1. Express : Sleep apnoea: The sleep disorder is linked to bruxism - what is that? [NOV 22, 2020]
    2. Pulmonology Advisor : Pitolisant as Adjunct Therapy to CPAP May Decrease Daytime Sleepiness in OSA [NOV 20, 2020]
    3. Physician's Weekly : Efficacy and long-term follow-up of positional therapy by the vibrotactile neck-based device in the management of positional OSA [NOV 19, 2020]
    4. Sleep Review : Beyond AHI: The Future of Endophenotyping in Sleep Medicine [NOV 19, 2020]
    5. Dove Press : A Review of Current Tools Used for Evaluating the Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea [NOV 18, 2020]
    6. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : [Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS)] Some congenital diseases may just show up later [NOV 15, 2020]
    7. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Long term oral appliance therapy decreases stress symptoms in patients with upper airway resistance syndrome [NOV 15, 2020]
    8. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Strategies to improve patient care for obstructive sleep apnea: a report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Sleep-Disordered Breathing Collaboration Summit [NOV 15, 2020]
    9. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Upper airway collapsibility in patients with OSA treated with continuous positive airway pressure: a retrospective preliminary study [NOV 15, 2020]
    10. Sleep Review : Partial Tonsil Removal May Have Better Outcomes Than Full Tonsillectomy [NOV 6, 2020]
    11. Medscape : Obstructive Sleep Apnea Tied to Multiple Job Losses [NOV 5, 2020]
    12. Physician's Weekly : Myofunctional therapy (oropharyngeal exercises) for obstructive sleep apnoea [NOV 5, 2020]
    13. Physician's Weekly : Reduced Recovery Times with Total Intravenous Anesthesia in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea [NOV 5, 2020]
    14. Cardiology Journal : Flow-mediated skin fluorescence: A novel method for the estimation of sleep apnea risk in healthy persons and cardiac patients [NOV 3, 2020]
    15. Medscape : Sleep Apnea Found to Impact Pain Severity in Younger Adults [NOV 2, 2020]
    16. Sleep Medicine : Is snoring during pregnancy a predictor of later life obstructive sleep apnoea? A case-control study [NOV 2, 2020]
    17. PopSugar : Sleeping In May Be Causing Your Morning Headaches, According to Experts [OCT 31, 2020]
    18. Infectious Disease Advisor : Rising Trend of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Aging HIV Population [OCT 28, 2020]
    19. Journal of the American Heart Association : Nocturnal Arrhythmias and Heart‐Rate Swings in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Treated With Beta Blockers [OCT 27, 2020]
    20. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Obstructive sleep apnea during rapid eye movement sleep in patients with diabetic kidney disease [OCT 27, 2020]
    21. Inventum/University of Miami Health : Hurricanes Likely to Disrupt At-Home Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment [OCT 23, 2020]
    22. Body + Soul : Sleep Well Wednesdays: 4 expert-approved aids to rescue your sleep from your snoring partner [OCT 21, 2020]
    23. SleepApnea.Sleep-Disorders.net : Silence of the Lambs: Sleeping Alongside Sleep Apnea [OCT 21, 2020]
    24. CHEST : Routine CPAP in patients with OSA undergoing heart surgery may improve outcomes [OCT 20, 2020]
    25. Sleep Review : Remedē Shows Sustained Safety & Efficacy Through 5 Years [OCT 20, 2020]