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By: Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH on January 17th, 2020

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Recent Sleep Disorder News January 2020

SLEEP DISORDER WIRE final 1Sleep Disorder Wire is an occasional supplemental news report

capturing sleep disorder news* of relevant interest to

sleep technologists and sleep health educators not featured in

our regular news series, This Week in Sleep Medicine.

*beyond insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, and sleep breathing disorders, which appear as separate curations in the Sleep Wire series


NOTE: Some links might require additional registration or password access. If you work in a sleep clinic, hospital system, or research institution, you should be able to allocate access through them. 
  1. Sleep : A circuit perspective on narcolepsy [JAN 10, 2020]
  2. Sleep : Olfaction in patients with isolated REM sleep behavior disorder who eventually develop multiple system atrophy [JAN 10, 2020]
  3. TIME SENSITIVE!→Narcolepsy Network : One-Day Narcolepsy Seminar in St. Petersburg, Florida [JAN 6, 2020]
  4. University of Manchester : Short or long sleep associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis [DEC 31, 2019]
  5. Psychology Today : Feelings of Presence in Sleep Paralysis and Other Conditions [DEC 27, 2019]
  6. Sleep Medicine Reviews  via Science Direct : REM sleep behavior disorder in narcolepsy: a secondary form or an intrinsic feature? [DEC 19, 2019]
  7. Hypersomnia Foundation : HF’s “HINT” Test for Identifying Possible Sleep Disorders [DEC 17, 2019]
  8. Sleep Medicine  via Science Direct : Comparison of prevalence rates of Restless Legs Syndrome, self-assessed risks of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and daytime sleepiness among patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) and Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) [DEC 17, 2019]
  9. Biomolecules & Therapeutics : Impact of Sleep Disorder as a Risk Factor for Dementia in Men and Women [DEC 16, 2019]
  10. Clinical Kidney Journal : Time evolution of restless legs syndrome in haemodialysis patients [DEC 16, 2019]
  11. Sleep Review : Scientist Deciphers Narcolepsy, Piece by Piece [DEC 16, 2019]
  12. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Effects of Pharmacotherapy Treatment on Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Narcolepsy and Idiopathic Hypersomnia Cohort [DEC 15, 2019]
  13. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Factors Influencing the Presentation of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: The Relative Importance of Sex, Associated Neurological Disorder, and Context of Referral to Polysomnography [DEC 15, 2019]
  14. Sleep Breathing Physiology and Disorders  via Springer : Clinical characteristics of sleep disorders in patients with vestibular migraine [DEC 10, 2019]
  15. Psychiatric Annals  via Healio : Restless Legs Syndrome in Women with Comorbid Psychiatric Disease [DEC 10, 2019]
  16. Primary Care  via Healio : Narcolepsy diagnoses plagued by misunderstandings [DEC 10, 2019]
  17. Sleep Junkies : Exploding head syndrome – Dr Brian Sharpless (podcast) [DEC 9, 2019]
  18. Psychiatry Advisor : Two Distinct Phenotypes Identified in Hypersomnolence Disorder [DEC 6, 2019]
  19. Self : Is ‘Sexsomnia’ Really a Thing? [DEC 6, 2019]
  20. Frontiers in Neurology : Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Tension-Type Headache: A Population Study [DEC 3, 2019]
  21. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine  via Science Direct : Sleep disorders in aging polio survivors: A systematic review [NOV 30, 2019]
  22. Current Opinion in Psychology  via Science Direct : Sleep and eating disorders: current research and future directions [NOV 30, 2019]
  23. Sleep Medicine Reviews  via Science Direct : Comparative efficacy of imagery rehearsal therapy and prazosin in the treatment of trauma-related nightmares in adults: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [NOV 28, 2019]
  24. NPR : Seeing Monsters? It Could Be The Nightmare Of Sleep Paralysis [NOV 26, 2019]
  25. Current Sleep Medicine Reports : Update on the Treatment of Idiopathic Hypersomnia [NOV 25, 2019]
  26. Vancouver Sun : 'Sexsomnia' defence: Businessman pleads not guilty to sexual assault [NOV 25, 2019]
  27. Narcolepsy Network : Two Clinical Studies on Pitolisant Published [NOV 22, 2019]
  28. Sleep Review : FDA Responds to Citizen Petitions Requesting Black Box Warnings on Dopamine Agonists for Restless Legs Syndrome [NOV 21, 2019]
  29. Journal of Sleep Research  via Wiley : Hyperarousal captured in increased number of arousal events during pre-REM periods in individuals with frequent nightmares [NOV 20, 2019]
  30. BMJ : Can non-pharmacological interventions for nocturia improve sleep outcomes? A systematic review [NOV 19, 2019]
  31. Deutsches Ärzteblatt International : Sleep-Related Disorders in Neurology and Psychiatry [NOV 15, 2019]
  32. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Restless Legs Syndrome in Chronic Kidney Disease: Is Iron or Inflammatory Status To Blame? [NOV 15, 2019]
  33. Scientific Reports : Contactless recording of sleep apnea and periodic leg movements by nocturnal 3-D-video and subsequent visual perceptive computing [NOV 14, 2019]