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By: Kate Jacobson on July 30th, 2020

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Redeployment from the Frontline: One Sleep Technologist’s Experience During COVID-19

COVID-19 | redeployment | frontlines

Sleep technologists from across the world have been redeployed in the face of COVID-19. They’ve been called on to help COVID-19 patients, to test those coming in and out of the hospital and to help disperse personal protective equipment (PPE) to other departments. For Eduardo Hernandez, BSRC, RPSGT, CCSH who works at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, the experience really opened his eyes to how valuable sleep technologists are during a crisis such as this.

“We’re malleable,” he said. “There’s so many different hats a sleep technologist wears, and that’s why we’ve stepped up during this pandemic.”

Hernandez said his hospital started making changes in mid-March like many other health care institutions. His sleep lab started cancelling appointments two weeks out, and he and his coworkers were quickly put to use in other areas of the hospital. Those that were dual credentialed in respiratory therapy were all redeployed in the region to respond to COVID-19 patients, while others were given essential jobs around the hospital.

Hernandez said most of his coworkers were tasked with monitoring people for COVID-19 symptoms as they entered the hospital, while others were asked to help distribute PPE. Called the Mask Exchange Transfer and Training program, technologists and others from different hospital concentrations were asked to keep track of how many N-95 masks were available in the hospital and instruct on appropriate fitting. Others started preparing the hospital for potential overflow of patients from other area hospitals.

Sleep technologists have learned many new tasks during the pandemic!

To learn more about Hernandez’s frontline experience, read the full article in the A2Zzz Q2 2020 issue.

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