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By: Rebecca Hammond on April 22nd, 2021

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Sleep Spotlight: Kennedy Krieger Institute

From treating patients to running sleep clinics and everything in between, we know AAST members are working hard and dedicating countless hours to advance the sleep field. Therefore, we want to spotlight our members and member facilities and share the work they are doing day in and day out with the AAST community.

Facility Name: Kennedy Krieger Institute

Facility Location: Baltimore, MD

Submission by: Rebecca Hammond


Tell us about your facility?

The Kennedy Krieger Institute is a pediatric special needs rehabilitation hospital, school and therapy center.

What makes your staff rock stars?

We treat very difficult pediatric patients, be it physical or mental disorders. It is a physically and emotionally draining position — constantly fixing equipment and hooking up the patients to the machines several times. It takes a special type of technologist to do this job at this lab. However, we are happy to help these children, be it through helping them sleep better or finding issues with their overnight or daytime EEGs.

What are you most proud of about your facility and/or staff?

We are friends as well as coworkers — always helping each other when needed. I have worked in a few labs and this one has been the most difficult [due to the nature of the work], but has the best staff. I love my coworkers and appreciate them so much. We also have personal relationships [outside of work], in which I can call on my coworkers for advice. We bring each other up.

Rebecca Hammond

Hammond (left) with two coworkers at a poster presentation.

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