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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on October 16th, 2015

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Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week is almost here

sleep technologist appreciation week

What will you do for sleep technologist appreciation week?

Sleep Tech Appreciation Week is an annual celebration of the sleep technologist profession. This year, Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week (STAW) will be held from October 25 to October 31st! It's the perfect time to show the sleep technologists you work with your appreciation for them.

Celebrate the accomplishments in our field by recognizing the sleep technologists who play a vital role in your sleep disorders center. 

Want to learn how you can show appreciation for the sleep technologists in your life? 

Follow the AAST's STAW schedule below and follow us on social media to make sure your participation can be rewarded!

Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week

How you can show appreciation

STAW is the perfect time to personally thank the sleep technologists you know for their hard work and dedication to help millions of patients get a better night's sleep throughout the year.

To help you plan for the week, we've created a schedule of activities to provide you with ideas and resources you can use to honor sleep technologists. Here is how you can get involved:

  • Send a thank you card to the sleep technologists around you. The AAST offers a special edition sleep technologist appreciation week themed note card that also allows you to write in your personal thank you message. 
  • Show your support for our profession by actively engaging in AAST sponsored activities just in time for STAW 2015.
  • Follow our social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to win awards and tell us how you plan to appreciate the sleep technologists you know in the #STAW2015 social media challenge. 

Most importantly follow and participate in our #STAW2015 activities schedule and be rewarded a $20 AAST giftcard!

Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week

Here is a lineup of our Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week actitivies schedule:

10/24 Saturday: Word Search Challenge

To kick start the week, share our official STAW 2015 Word Search Challenge. Correctly complete and submit the challenge to the National Office for your chance to win an AAST gift certificate. A winner will be randomly selected and notified at the end of Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week.

To submit your answers to our national office, click here or email coordinator@aastweb.org

10/25 Sunday: Send personalized thank you notes to your sleep technologists

Purchase STAW 2015 themed note cards from the AAST Café Press Store to write your “Note of Appreciation”.

Why not pair your Thank You notes with an item or two from our 2015 STAW products with some additional 2015 STAW products?

Promotional items and gift ideas are available on the AAST’s Café Press shop.

10/26 Monday: Have fun with our sleep song trivia contest

Get your technologists strolling down memory lane with a trivia based activity featuring sleep themed songs.Try other fun game ideas such as having a “Jar-of-Electrodes” and have your techs guess the number.

Be sure to have a gift basket worth winning or offer a promotional item from the AAST product line when you're encouraging your technologists to participate!

Download the 2015 STAW “Sleep Song Trivia Challenge here and download the answer key here

10/27 Tuesday: Enter the AAST's YouTube Video Contest

Encourage your techs to create their own video using sleep themed songs. Hold a contest and offer prizes for most creative video. Get patients involved as judges!

Download a list of sleep themed songs here. 

Make sure to submit your sleep song videos to the AAST for a chance to be featured on the AAST Facebook page!

10/28 Wednesday: Take and share the Policies and Procedures Quiz

Keep your techs on their toes by creating a short quiz on your facility’s P&P manual.

Need ideas on what to give your sleep technologists as awards? Head to the AAST's STAW store!

10/29 Thursday: Introduce an Innovative Ideas Box to your facility

How about introducing an Innovative Ideas Box where technologists can offer their input into how to improve services in your facility.

This team building strategy shows you recognize that the best ideas come from those who are in the trenches and value the ideas of every employee. Incorporate these new ideas at your monthly meeting discussions.

10/30 Friday: Create a patient satisfaction collage

Boost employee morale by creating and displaying a collage of positive feedback from your patients. Use this feedback to have staff members nominate various technologists for special service awards.


Click here to access our employee award ideas.

10/31 Saturday: Have a sponsored meal and employee awards event

Hold a sponsored meal from your favorite sleep vendor and designate yourself as the main waiter, serving all your wonderful employees. Use this opportunity to also recognize the special contributions of various team members with an Employee Awards Event.

Recognize outstanding employees with this Employee Awards Template.

Want to learn more ideas on how to better celebrate STAW 2015? 

Visit the AAST to get more info on the 2015 STAW activities, including a new Flash Competition that appears across various social media channels all week long!

Remember to check the AAST social media sites throughout the day for your chance to win one of the $20 AAST gift certificates.

Read our article on the best traits successful sleep technologists have in common.

Want to learn more about managing your sleep technologist career? Click on the image below to download our webinar.

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