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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 30th, 2020

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2020 Honorees: Part 1

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

As we celebrate Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week (STAW), we want to take this time to celebrate and honor sleep technologists for their hard work, dedication and numerous accomplishments made over the past year in sleep disorders centers, laboratories, educational facilities and within AAST.

Throughout STAW, we will be highlighting a few of our 2020 Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week Honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

Henry ArantesHenry Arantes

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Henry's experience in sleep makes him a super user in our books. He pays attention to details and makes sure his patients get the right outcomes. Putting our brains together with Henry equates to a solid solution for all that are involved. Great work, Henry!”


Sue BillecSue Billec

Location: Austintown, Ohio

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Sue is an extremely hard worker. Her passion for patient care and ability to adapt to the changing needs of her organization is inspiring. She asks questions and learns fast and we enjoy working with her. Thank you for all you do, Sue!”


Lisa BondLisa Bond

Location: Fargo, North Dakota   

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Lisa's sense of humor makes everything run easier. Even when solving problems, she helps make things lighter. We enjoy working with her and look forward to our next laugh. Thank you for all you do, Lisa!”



Sarah BrenneckaSarah Brennecka

Location: Algonquin, Illinois

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Sarah inspires me with her unwavering dedication to her own growth by pursuing her master's degree and being chosen for a prestigious leadership program. Her passion and skillset for sleep medicine has been a huge factor in the tremendous growth of her sleep lab and DME. She is an innovative leader that encourages growth in her own team by implementing programs such as a sleep navigator program and expansion of her DME across regions. Her own evolution from sleep technologist to managing multiple teams is an inspiration to others in the field on what is possible if you never stop dreaming.”


Robert CabanRobert Cabán

Location: Orlando, Florida

Nominated by: Eduardo Hernández

“Robert is one of the greatest technologists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is 100% SELFLESS and will not hesitate to help out his fellow coworkers, all while assuring patient safety and high quality study acquisition. I'm positive many of our Spanish-speaking children and parents also feel at ease to share sleep concerns/experiences in their native tongue while having Robert as their technologist. He's a great role model, and we are lucky to have him on our team.”


Sandy CareySandy Carey

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Sandy started out in business management but switched to sleep because she wanted to help people. That is evident in her passion for her work and patient care. She has kept a positive attitude connecting with her team members virtually and is a leader in the field. Thank you for all you do, Sandy!”


Kimi ClarkKimi Clark

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Kimi is the go-to for so much in sleep. Her broad knowledge base and willingness to help far exceed expectations. She is a joy to work with and is an inspiration to everyone that follows her. Thank you for all you do, Kimi!”


Francis ConnellyFrancis Connelly

Location: Dubuque, Iowa

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Francis' extensive background allows for a full comprehensive view of sleep medicine. Although he has been in the field since 1986, he isn't afraid to try new things. His growth mindset and willingness to train the next generation is great. Thank you, Francis!”


Laura CunninghamLaura Cunningham

Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Laura is attentive to detail and really strives to create the best possible outcomes for her patients. Her extensive knowledge in scoring and sleep medicine has been an asset to work with. Thank you for all you do, Laura!”


Leo DevineLeo Devine

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Leo is an educator who loves taking care of not only his patients but helping other specialties as well. He often acts as a liaison between IT and his clinical counterparts. We appreciate all that you do, Leo!”




Lisa DodsonLisa Dodson

Location: Neosho, Missouri

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Lisa is highly engaged, open-minded, helpful and wonderful to work with. The EnsoData team enjoys her passion for her work and connection with her patients. Thank you for all you do, Lisa!”



Geoff EadeGeoff Eade

Location: Brookhaven, Mississippi

Nominated by: Shi Nee Tan

“Geoff is a sleep technologist with strong determination and a great spirit. As a mentor, he helps streamline processes and enables young, upcoming sleep technologists achieve success. Even after mentoring me to be a sleep technologist like him, he never stopped collaborating with me. I couldn't be more thrilled to work with such a dedicated and great person. I look forward to more collaborations in future. Happy Sleep Technologists Week! I am where I am because of you being a great mentor!


Dawn EasterdayDawn Easterday

Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Dawn is passionate about sleep medicine and always open to learn more. She works hard and believes in great patient care. Her willingness to pitch in to make things work is inspiring. Thank you for all you do, Dawn!”


Rachel FordyceRachel Fordyce

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nominated by: Angelica Benitez Yusti

“Rachel is always going above and beyond to help patients and their families. She receives numerous letters thanking her for helping make the experience in the sleep lab an enjoyable one which is not always an easy task in pediatrics. She is early in her career but is getting involved in the field — like serving on the pediatric BRPT exam task force. Thank you Rachel for your inspiration and I look forward to seeing what you will do in the future.”


Daniel GibbonsDaniel Gibbons

Nominated by: Jean Dietrich

“Dan is a skilled RPSGT who is exceptionally knowledgeable in sleep medicine. Although relatively new to the field, he has mastered scoring and has obtained his CCSH. Dan is an extraordinary teacher and has trained myself and other technicians in terms of scoring. He is consistent, professional and dependable. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside him and to have him as an available resource. I admire his work ethic and his remarkable scoring ability. Dan is tremendously valuable to our sleep team.”


Adam GirardoAdam Girardo

Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Adam is a jack-of-all-trades and efficiency maven for his sleep lab. He's got a passion to make lab workflows better through the power of technology, and he's willing to pick up all sorts of tasks across the labs. Thank you for all you do, Adam!”


Amanda JonesAmanda Jones

Location: Lansdowne, Virginia

Nominated by: Sharon Goldman, Marie LaSasso, Sean Nowrouzi and Pep Sun

SG: “Amanda is the manager of our sleep technologists team of over 40 members. She has worked so hard to ensure the safety of the team as well as our patients ― sometimes driving all night to deliver PPE to all nine of our locations. She is an amazing manager and team member and we all love and respect her so much.”

ML: “She wears multiple hats as a lab manager ― who still works some night shifts running studies. She goes above and beyond for both her patients and sleep technologists. She’s just an amazing technologist, manager and person overall.”

SN: “Hard working and amazing. She always puts others ahead of herself and she is a great leader in keeping everything organized and making everyone feel safe and secure. She would be universally great anywhere you put her. Amanda is the best!!!

PS: “She has gone above and beyond for the techs.”


Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

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