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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 30th, 2020

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2020 Honorees: Part 2

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

Throughout Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week (STAW), we will be highlighting a few of our 2020 STAW Honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

View honorees from Part 1 here.


David LawrenceDavid Lawrence

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“With almost three decades of experience, David has worked with and seen many changes in sleep medicine ― technical, clinical, regulatory-wise ― he's seen it all. He's thrifty, often dealing with storm-related outages throughout the stormy season. Thank you, David!”



Eva MontoyaEva Montoya

Location: Fontana, California

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Eva really cares about her patients and fights for their treatment options. Her extensive background in sleep medicine allows her to offer that extra level of care for each and every patient she works with, from neonatal to geriatric. Thank you for all you do, Eva!”


Andrew MorenoAndrew Moreno

Location: Houston, Texas

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

Andrew is always looking for new, innovative ways to improve his process. He thinks outside the box to find creative solutions to his problems and keeps a positive attitude. Working with Andrew has been a fun experience. Thank you for all you do, Andrew!


Kelly MorrisKelly Morris Grant

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Kelly is a pleasure to work with. She is always eager to help and her kind demeanor is great. Kelly's passion for sleep medicine shines through and we enjoy every moment we interact with her. Thank you, Kelly!”



Jackie NicholsJackie Nichols

Neosho, Missouri

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Jackie is highly engaged, open-minded, helpful and wonderful to work with. She works well in her team and navigates hurdles well. Keep up the great work, Jackie!”



Richard OsornoRichard Osorno

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Richard spends his time scoring and working with patients directly. The extra care he gives to everything he does and his fun-loving attitude helps to create a great work environment. His fun side translates into his personal hobby of skateboarding in which his boss states ‘he really knows how to shred.’ Keep doing what you're doing, Richard!”


Christy PorrasChristy Porras

Nominated by: Amy Molinar

“Christy has been a part of the sleep center since it opened at our facility in 2006. She learned the sleep profession via a crash course from a sleep company and was later enrolled into the A-step program. Christy is now our department coordinator and performs all of our EEGs, does our scoring and oversees four technologists. She is customer focused and goes above and beyond to ensure every sleep study performed at our center is of the highest quality. She is an asset to our sleep program and our organization.”


Jurgen RatliffJurgen Ratliff

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Jurgen brings a smile to our face every time we meet. His sense of humor keeps things light and he's always telling us jokes to make us laugh. His patient care is excellent and his passion for helping others is out of this world. Thank you for all you do, Jurgen!”


Kristi ReardonKristi Reardon

Location: Farmington, Utah

Nominated by: Jennifer Barnson

“Kristi goes above and beyond to ensure better sleep for every one of our patients. She takes the time to answer all questions and concerns, making sure the patient completely understands their situation(s). She strives to be up on the newest sleep therapies, CPAP masks and studies that are on the rise, then shares this knowledge with her patients.”


Jennifer RisteJennifer Riste

Location: Bend, Oregon

Nominated by: Jean Dietrich

“Jennifer is an RPSGT who has worked both nights and days the past 20+ years. She knows the inner workings of performing, processing and finalizing sleep studies. Her skills are unmatched when it comes to maneuvering G3, WatchPAT, Alice and actigraphy. She is innovative, resourceful and reliable. Her experience start to finish is a rarity. I am thankful to have someone who is so well versed in sleep testing as a resource.”


Phanh SalmonPhanh Salmon

Nominated by: Lauren Davis

“She has worked tirelessly with unending patience as the director of the sleep disorders center and EEG department for over 20 years. She has intensely loyal employees that have stayed with her for many years. She recently lost her husband, a respiratory therapist to COVID-19, but she is back at work leaving her grief at home while she cares for sleep patients during these complicated times.”


Sarah SchaffSarah Schaff

Location: Bend, Oregon

Nominated by: Jean Dietrich

“Sarah is one of the most intuitive sleep technicians I have had the honor to work with. She is gifted in the art of mask fits and is an amazing sleep educator. She will go above and beyond for a patient to get a good night sleep. She prides herself in providing exceptional education and guiding patients through the complicated process of sleep medicine. She is always thinking of ways to improve our PAP therapy usage outcomes.”


Kris St. MarieKris St. Marie

Location: Bend, Oregon

Nominated by: Jean Dietrich

“Kris is the direct supervisor for all of the polysomnography technicians at St. Charles Health Care. She is a skilled technician and uses her experiences to help connect with those she manages. She is always focused on safety and the needs of her technologists. It is not easy to do what she does, but she does it with grace and poise. I admire her ability to stay focused and steady when she is pulled in 100 directions. She is a remarkable person and a phenomenal manager."


Trish StigerTrish Stiger

Location: Claremont, California

Nominated by: Alana Sherrill

“Trish inspires me to be a leader! I first met Trish when she hired me to be her lead technologist. She was such a great manager and true mentor to me. Today, she is the director of Pomona Valley Sleep Center. We served together on the board of directors of the California Sleep Society, where she was elected president. If all that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Trish teaches future RPSGT’s at Orange Coast College’s Polysomnography Program. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Trish continues to inspire me and my fellow sleep technologists!”


Felicity TassieFelicity Tassie

Location: Bend, Oregon

Nominated by: Jean Dietrich

“Felicity was one of my direct supervisors and was my indirect supervisor when I was studying to take my BRPT exam. She was patient, knowledgeable and most importantly, patient oriented. Felicity helped me to see sleep medicine beyond just testing a patient. She sets the bar high when it comes to professional standards of conduct. She is patient focused and taught me how to consider the contributing factors and underlying conditions that might play a role in a patient’s current medical condition. I am fortunate to have had an individual with the ethics and moral code to learn from. Felicity is an exceptional RPSGT and any sleep lab would be fortunate to have her on their staff.”


Jacq TheodoreJacq Theodore

Location: Beaumont, Texas

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Jacq has a great sense of humor and brings a lot of great questions to the table. He is inquisitive and helps to bring light to good solutions. We look forward to every call and enjoy working with him. Thank you, Jacq! “


Edwin ValladaresEdwin Valladares

Location: Los Angeles, California

Nominated by: Mike Brown

“Edwin shows exceptional dedication and a broad range of talent is his role at USC Keck Sleep Disorders Center. In addition to his superb patient care, Edwin has been active in expanding access and awareness to new technology. He supported the launch of a remedē program at Keck and continues to educate other sleep clinicians around the country on central sleep apnea.”


KetihVogt2Keith Vogt

Nominated by: Andrea Ramberg

“Keith's cool and calm demeanor makes him a great asset to his team. He scores for multiple labs, and enjoys the flexibility of working when he wants, where he wants. Thank you, Keith!”




MaLisa WardMaLisa Ward

Location: Prattville, Alabama

Nominated by: Jeri L. Cobb

“Never in my 30-year career have I seen a technologist as caring and selfless as MaLisa Ward. She takes so much time with patients to ensure that they have everything they need after their sleep studies have been completed. Going above and beyond is an understatement. I have seen her meet people on the street that aren't even our patients, but somehow they start talking about their problems, she gives them our phone number and they are calling her the next day for additional help. And she does it without thinking ― it's second nature.”

Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

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