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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 27th, 2021

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2021 Honorees: Part 3

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

Throughout STAW, we will be highlighting a few of our 2021 Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week Honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

Click to view part 1 and part 2.


Robert IzzardRobert Izzard

Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

Nominated by: Melissa Stone

“Robert was my A-STEP instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I had a day where I doubted myself, missed class and was going to quit. He took time out of his schedule on a Saturday, with three kids at home to teach me everything I missed that day. We had four students in our class, and we all were grateful for having Robert as our instructor.”


Erin JohnsonErin Johnson

Location: Cleveland, Ohio   

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Erin is one of our pediatric sleep technologists who can handle the most challenging studies! We are grateful for their diligence, attention to detail, excellence in care and family-friendly support at our lab.”


Cheryl KisslingCheryl Kissling

Location: Parma, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Cheryl Kissling is devoted to process and quality improvements at our sleep lab. She launched initiatives for our new software program and taught other lab managers, technologists and physicians how to use it. Her professionalism and dedication is outstanding. Thank you!”


Keith KnittleKeith Knittle

Location: Portland, OR

Nominated by: Amy Bender

“I would like to celebrate Keith Knittle as a part of Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week for the impact he has made on the entire sleep technologist community. Keith brought me into the sleep field as a sleep technologist with open arms and has been an amazing teacher and mentor. He continues to pay it forward for other mentees as PSG program director for Concorde Career College, helping tutor students and post-graduates in preparation for the BRPT boards. He is also actively involved in helping set up sleep centers and accreditation, and works with veterans to help them sleep better. Thank you Keith for your amazing contributions to the sleep field!”


Sherry LeMay Sherry LeMay

Location: Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Sherry LeMay holds credentials of RPSGT, RST and CCSH, and is an inspiration to the sleep technology community in her role as a team coordinator with Sentara Healthcare in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. She serves as an excellent role model for her staff, mentoring and encouraging them to grow in the field. Sherry treats her staff with respect and kindness that matches the Sentara motto, "To improve the health of our sleep patients everyday.”


Holly LoweryHolly Lowery

Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia

Nominated by: Robert Lindsey 

“Holly works tirelessly to take care of patients under very stressful conditions. As a technologist and department scheduling coordinator, she's skillfully able to frame patient expectations of their testing and answer any questions they may have. Working both night shift and in direct patient care as needed, she manages to cover both of those jobs and to do outpatient EEGs. Holly is a shining star to her department and Fannin Regional Medical Center.”


Xiao LuXiao Lu

Location: Southfield, Michigan

Nominated by: Mary Ellen Welling

“Xiao Lu, BS, RPSGT, has been an  employee of Beaumont Health Sleep Evaluation Services for over 23 years. She is highly admired and respected amongst her peers, physicians and leaders for her consistent demonstration of her tireless work ethic and care for our patients. Xiao was the first sleep technologist in the infancy of Beaumont Sleep Programs, which has since grown from a one-bed independent facility to three hospital outpatient facilities housing 28 beds providing care for infants, children and adults. She has opened doors for home sleep testing and further developed the sleep technologist role to the highest of standards and expectations for which it is today.

She has been instrumental in the development of the day technologist role and was quickly promoted to lead technologist where she provides ongoing mentorship, coaching and her expertise in the care delivery of our sleep medicine patients. Her passion for sleep health has driven our programs to achieve high quality diagnostic studies and provides the culture by which Beaumont Sleep Evaluation Services prides themselves on today. Xiao’s positive attitude, dedication, reliability, flexibility and work ethic are highly valuable assets to our team.

We are grateful for her contributions to our programs and believe she is often times the unsung hero to the program’s success.


Jennifer MalabananJennifer Malabanan

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Jennifer Malabanan is an inspiration to the world of sleep technology through her friendliness and smiles to her patients. She provides excellence in patient care, ensuring her patients are fully treated with kindness, dignity and respect. She takes the time to make them feel special when they visit the sleep center at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach.”


Lisa McKenneyLisa McKenney

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Nominated by: Rebecca Hammond

“Not only has Lisa worked in the sleep field for ages, she is such a great employee and a great coworker. Lisa is so knowledgeable, helpful and hardworking. She will come in whenever she is needed to lend a hand whether it is needed on a job or not. She demonstrates a very kind heart towards her patients, coworkers and the whole team. Lisa keeps Kennedy Krieger Institute  going with her knowledge about the field and her spirit. She also worked through COVID-19 when we were open, working overtime whenever needed. She is a great team player and KKI is so lucky to have her. Lisa is also a wonderful mother of four boys and a wonderful friend.”


Rhonda McLemoreRhonda McLemore

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Nominated by: Colleen McGowan

“Rhonda is a leader in her profession. She sets a level of expectations ensuring quality testing for every patient's improved health. Rhonda stays connected with many vendors, always keeping an eye out for new and improved patient items. She is a mentor and a motivator.”

Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

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