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By: Kevin Asp on August 14th, 2015

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Learn COPD, Overlap Syndrome And Treatment For Hypoventilation

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AAST Fall Course in Branson, Missouri October 9-10, 2015

Meet Emerson Kerr, RRT, RPSGT, who will define and address how to deal with COPD and overlap syndrome in our patients.

Emerson Kerr

Get to know Emerson, Senior Field Marketing Manager for Philips Respironics

Emerson Kerr is a senior field marketing manager for Philips Respironics overseeing the Eastern United States region. A registered respiratory therapist and polysomnographic technologist, he has 20 years of clinical experience in sleep and respiratory medicine. Since joining the company in 2001, Emerson has held a number of sales and training positions focused on building processes and programs to achieve better clinical, operational and financial outcomes in sleep and respiratory disease management.  Emerson is a past chairman and board member of the Alabama Association of Sleep Professionals. He has also served on the board of directors of the Alabama Society for Respiratory Care and has been a guest lecturer at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology. Emerson holds a bachelor’s degree in cardiorespiratory sciences from the University of South Alabama.

Here's what to expect: 

Friday, October 9, 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

"COPD and Overlap Syndrome"

Course Objectives

1. Characterize the pathophysiology of COPD.

2. Describe effects of COPD on respiration during waking and sleep.

3. Explore the interactions between COPD and OSA in overlap syndrome.

Saturday, October 10, 9:15 - 10:15 p.m.

"Treatment of Hypoventilation Using Pressure Support and Non-invasive Ventilation"

1. Discriminate pressure support from continuous PAP.

2. Discuss the mechanisms of pressure support therapies.

3. Identify disorders where pressure support is the appropriate treatment.

For more information about the AAST Fall Course in Branson, and to register click the link below.

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