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By: AAST Coordinator on October 30th, 2016

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STAW Activity: Show Your Appreciation


Sleep Tech appreciation week STAW 2016

STAW Activity: Show Your Appreciation

Today’s activity is all about showing your appreciation for your sleep technologists. Purchase Sleep Tech Appreciation Week  themed note cards by visiting the AAST STAW Store and then provide personalized thank you notes to your sleep technologists. Why not also pair your thank you notes with an item or two from the AAST STAW Store.

Send in your answer for today’s Flash Fact.  Answer the question correctly and submit to coordinator@aastweb.org to be entered into a prize drawing.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified at the end of Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week.

Today’s Flash Fact Quesion: 

Which sleep disorder in the ICS D-3 occurs in infants or children up to 6 months of age and is characterized by the observation of repetitive myoclonic jerks during sleep that stop abruptly when the infant is aroused?


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