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By: AAST Coordinator on October 31st, 2016

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STAW Activity: Sleep and Athletics Trivia


STAW Sleep tech appreciation week

Sleep Tech Appreciation Week Activity: Sleep and Athletics Trivia

Time to test your sleep technologist’s knowledge of how sleep plays a role in athletics with our Sleep & Athletics Trivia questions! 

Download the 2016 Sleep and Athletics Trivia questions here and answers here

Test your sleep technologists with other fun game ideas such as “Jar-of-Electrodes” (put electrodes in a jar and ask your sleep technologists to guess the number).

Make sure to have a gift basket worth winning or offer a promotional item from the AAST Product Line or from the AAST STAW Store.

Send in your answer for today’s Flash Fact question. Answer the question correctly and submit to coordinator@aastweb.org to be entered into a prize drawing.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified at the end of Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week.

Today’s Flash Fact question: What year was the first ASDA Diagnostic Classification of Sleep and Arousal Disorders released?



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