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By: Amy Bender, PhD on May 26th, 2022

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Strategies to Help Athletes Jump-Start the Optimization of Their ZZZs

Athletes and Sleep | A2Zzz | Sleep Coach

Sleep is a powerful performance-enhancing tool. When the difference between being on the podium or not can be such a slim margin, athletes are looking for anything they can do to gain that edge. Teams and athletes are starting to take notice and are looking for sleep coaches to help navigate the elusive sleep that is hard to come by. That’s where you can come to the rescue!

Sports coaches at all levels are looking for guidance from someone with legitimate sleep expertise. In this article, uncover three strategies that can help you take the leap and begin working with athletes.

  1. Find a mentor and gain experience
    My first experience in the sleep field was visiting my aunt’s sleep laboratory to see what she did. After that experience, I went home and called every sleep lab in my area to see if I could volunteer and observe. I found one sleep lab director that let me observe some night shifts, which helped me land my first job as a sleep technologist. If you are interested in working with athletes, you need to gain experience in working with them. You don’t need to have a doctorate or master’s degree to work with athletes (but it wouldn’t hurt if you did), as knowledge can be gained with experience and training. There’s no better way to gain experience than to team up with someone else who is currently working with athletes and learn from them. But how do I find someone? That leads me to the next strategy…

  2. Get on social media and establish your credibility
    Social media is a way to meet #sleeppeeps and a fruitful way to collaborate and be seen. There are many sleep coach “experts” out there who are currently working with professional athletes, yet touting the amazing benefits of the polyphasic 90-minute cycle nap sleep system. As a sleep professional with training, you know better than to tout this because you have extensive experience in the sleep field and professional training to back up your expertise.

Uncover more tips for jump-starting sleep optimization in the 2022 Q1 Issue of  A2Zzz.