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By: Kevin Asp on October 21st, 2015

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Do you have a sleep disorder? Take the Sleep Technologist Quiz

Sleep Technologist Advice

Take this quick quiz on whether you show symptoms of a sleep disorder


Share it with your friends and family to see if they exhibit symptoms of a sleep disorder. Also don't forget that we have written extensively on the urgency of sleep apnea treatment.

Please be advised that our sleep technologist quiz on sleep disorders is NOT INTENDED to be used in place of a diagnostic visit with a sleep clinic. 

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Are you a sleep technologist and have questions yourself on how to better treat your patients?

Check out these amazing resources for sleep technologists:

(For Narcolepsy treatment) Case of the Month #15: Narcolepsy, Sleep and Epilepsy

(For Insomnia treatment) AAST International Classification of Sleep Disorders

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