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By: Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT on November 27th, 2015

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Thank you to all of our AAST Members

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To all of our AAST members: Thank you!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to express our thanks to the 4000+ loyal members we have had the honor of serving and representing since 1978.

We asked several members of our board of directors what they are thankful for:

Joel Porquez, RST, RPSGT, Director-at-Large of the AAST

"I'm thankful for a lot, but in terms of sleep medicine... I'm thankful to be in a position to teach and educate technologists!" 

 Laura Linley,RST,RPSGT, CRTT, President of the AAST

"I am grateful that I get to work and volunteer in a field that really does improve wellness—my grandmother preached that a good night sleep is essential for a brighter day (hence summer vacations included an early bedtime for all)  and now I get to preach the same thing—thank you Grandma Alice!"

 Joanne Hebding, RPSGT, RST

"I am Thankful for the opportunity to have a great career as a sleep professionals that lets me work with physicians, patients and other allied healthcare professionals to promote sleep wellness and health.  This career has kept my personal growth, development and interest going to over 25 years."

 David Wolfe, MSEd, RRT-SDS, RST, RPSGT 

"I’m thankful for continued in-lab testing, heated humidity, and, of course, the AAST."


Elise Maher, RPSGT

"I am grateful for continuing to be able to work in the field of sleep technology- it is my passion!  I am also thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with our dear neighbors across the street since I am unable to travel to see my family this year."


Rita Brooks, MEd, RST, RPSGT, REEG/EPT, Immediate Past President

"I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given to make a difference in our profession, and the great experiences I have had working alongside the many dedicated volunteers and professionals in our field who expend so much time and energy assuring that sleep technology remains a viable profession."

Interested in becoming involved with the board of directors? Email coordinator@aastweb.org to get started today!

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About Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT

Because of the implementation of his best practices of Implementing Inbound Marketing in its Medical Practice, he turned the once stagnant online presence of Alaska Sleep Clinic to that of "The Most Trafficked Sleep Center Website in the World" in just 18 months time. He is the President and CEO of inboundMed and enjoys helping sleep centers across the globe grow their business through his unique vision and experience of over 27 years in sleep medicine.

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