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By: AAST Editor on January 24th, 2018

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Exciting Things in Store for Sleep Technology

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As we are now into 2018, there are exciting things in store for members of AAST across the board!

From programs to education to events, there will be many tools and resources at the disposal of sleep professionals going forward. We caught up with the six chairs of the various AAST committees and asked them to describe what members should be most looking forward to in the year ahead with regards to their respective committees. Here is what they told us:

"The Regulatory & Legislative Advisory (RLAC) Committee worked hard throughout 2017 in building tools and ideas to making the AAST more visible and opening new ways to communicate in every state. In 2018 the membership of the AAST will see some of those tools coming to light with things like our interactive map of the United States. This map will allow members to click on their respective state and see all the current legislative requirements and news for their areas. It also allows them to plan future moves and have a one stop shop to allow them to plan and see what legislative material such as licensure that may be required of them if they have a move in the future. 

"Lastly, the RLAC committee has taken in the former Speaker’s Bureau, setting up qualified speakers in our database through would be available for state and regional sleep meetings. This was in response to listening to our members and hearing their needs for tools just like these. We are excited to be continuing to do the same with 2018 and to have our eyes and ears open for you."

 Sean Gipson
Regulatory & Legislative Advisory Committee


"I am most looking forward to informing the sleep technology field of everything the association has to offer. I'm also excited to embrace the changes in the field and expand our offerings to the staff that works so hard to schedule patients, verify benefit, and create the foundation that leads to a high quality sleep study. In addition, continuing the STAW theme of unplugging to recharge and providing resources for sleep community and the public to have great sleep hygiene."

Sherri Hanson, RPSGT, RST
Membership & Communications Committee

"As our field matures, education is forefront in importance. The CEC approval committee is dedicated to assuring quality educational programs are available to meet the needs of our growing profession. There are currently more credentials, equipment, modalities, responsibilities and duties for sleep technologists then there have ever been before. I look forward to maximizing opportunities for technologists to learn and practice the skills they will need to confront the future."

Steven Lenik
CEC Accreditation Committee

"As far as the EPC, we are looking forward to coming out with some products that will be of use to all of members. We are reviewing our current products and updating them to the most current references. Two of our current projects is creating PAP titration case studies and question of the week. In 2018 the EPC is also looking to see how we can use technology to better deliver and create a more interactive environment for our members and brainstorm some ideas for future products."

Brandon Butters
Educational Products Committee

"For 2018, I am looking forward to our annual meeting. Also, to collaborating with other sleep societies and programs to provide better training and education in our sleep profession. "

Laree Fordyce, PSGT, CCRP Clinical Sleep Educator
Program Committee

"There are many new and exciting projects on the horizon for the SAG Committee and a great group of individuals with vast experience working on these projects.  A couple of the projects we are working on are both end-tidal and transcutaneous CO2 technical guidelines and core competencies.  In addition, another important project we will be working on is a technical guideline and competency for proper medical documentation." 

Roxanne Taylor, BA, RST, RPSGT
Standards and Guidelines Committee