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Sleep Technology


The latest on all issues affecting sleep technologists, including trends, insights, tips and more.

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Exciting Things in Store for Sleep Technology

By: AAST Editor
January 24th, 2018

As we are now into 2018, there are exciting things in store for members of AAST across the board! From programs to education to events, there will be many tools and resources at the disposal of sleep professionals going forward. We caught up with the six chairs of the various AAST committees and asked them to describe what members should be most looking forward to in the year ahead with regards to their respective committees. Here is what they told us:

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Blog Feature

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How the Sleep Center Can “Play Cupid” in the Bedroom

By: Tracy Kopp RPSGT, CCSH, CRTT
February 1st, 2017

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. This chubby little archer has become the icon of Valentine’s Day. So how can a sleep center function as the modern-day Cupid for couples?

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AAST CCSH Workshop

Save the Date: AAST 2020 CCSH Workshop

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