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Sleep Technology


The latest on all issues affecting sleep technologists, including trends, insights, tips and more.

Blog Feature

Athletes and Sleep | A2Zzz | Sleep Coach

Strategies to Help Athletes Jump-Start the Optimization of Their ZZZs

By: Amy Bender, PhD
May 26th, 2022

Sleep is a powerful performance-enhancing tool. When the difference between being on the podium or not can be such a slim margin, athletes are looking for anything they can do to gain that edge. Teams and athletes are starting to take notice and are looking for sleep coaches to help navigate the elusive sleep that is hard to come by. That’s where you can come to the rescue!

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Blog Feature

A2Zzz | AI | Sleep Coach

What Can AI Do for Your Career in Sleep?

By: Andrea Ramberg, BA, RPSGT, CCSH
February 17th, 2022

Finding enough time in your day to accomplish everything both personally and professionally is a struggle that many people can relate to. Most of us wish that we could find time to do more, yet many of us finish our days with items still left on our to-do list. If technology could free up half the time your team currently spends scoring studies, what items could you start crossing off your list each day? Could you use that time to take your career in sleep to the next level?

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