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By: Kevin Asp on September 4th, 2015

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Upcoming AAST approved CEC events you can't miss

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Not sure which CEC event you should attend?

Every five years, sleep technologists must accumulate 50 CECs in order to avoid having to retake their certification test.  We've written about the four easy ways to earn CECs and provided answers to your most common questions about obtaining CECs. But that being said, we thought it was about time to highlight some of the most exciting upcoming CEC opportunities in the U.S.

AAST represents sleep technologists all over the world (you can see events abroad on our CEC calendar) but since a majority of our readers and members are based in the U.S. we thought we'd highlight this upcoming CEC opportunity that every technologist should consider attending.

Beyond OSA: Diagnosis, Comorbidities and Therapy of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

This upcoming meeting in October is the AAST's first advanced therapies course. We've written extensively about this 13.25 CEC opportunity in Branson. But here's a recap.

Why you should attend this meeting

This course is being offered in response to significant advancements in therapy that have resulted in the appearance of more complex patients in our sleep centers. It is an advanced level program for the sleep technologist whose role is expanding to include care of patients with comorbidities and complex sleep related breathing disorders. 

Top reasons why this event is a must-attend for every sleep technologist:

  • Explore the effect of medical disorders and comorbidities on sleep disordered breathing
  • Understand the physiology and mechanics of breathing and what goes wrong in patients with complex breathing disorders such as overlap syndrome and hypoventilation
  • Learn how to distinguish between these complex breathing disorders and provide the appropriate therapy that produces positive outcomes
  • Gain additional understanding and training in behavioral comorbidities and therapies for complex sleep disordered breathing patients
  • Explore new models of care and a different way of approaching diagnosis and therapy for patients with complex medical and sleep related breathing disorders.

If you can't make it to the Branson meeting, keep a look out for updated information on other opportunities listed in the AAST's CEC calendar.

Look at the CEC calendar, to find CEC events in your area that offer a wide range of credit opportunities.

Many RPSGTs and RSTs are due for re-certification in 2016.  So plan ahead to get those CECs completed, rather than waiting until the last minute!  

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