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By: Kevin Asp on November 2nd, 2015

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We're Announcing The Winner of Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week Flash Fact Trivia Contest

Sleep Technologist Advice

sleep technologist appreciation week

And the winner of the 2015 AAST Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week Flash Fact Trivia Challenge is...

Ofelia Reyes! Congratulations!

Here are the answers to the questions that we have asked throughout sleep technologist appreciation week!

Q1: When was AAST established?

A1: April 1978

Q2: In what year was REM discovered?

A2: 1953

Q3: Who discovered REM sleep?

A3: Eugene Aserinsky

Q4: In what state were the Mammoth Cave experiments conducted by Nathaniel Kleitman?

A4: Kentucky

Q5: What year was the R&K manual published?

A5: 1968

Q6: Who was the first person to record the human brain’s EEG?

A6: Hans Berger

Q7: Whom is noted as "The father of sleep medicine"?

A7: William Dement, M.D.

Q8: How many years is the RPSGT credential valid for before one has to renew?

A8: 5 years

Q9: How many hours of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are needed to maintain the RPSGT and/or RST credential?

A9: 50 hours per 5 years.

Q10: Where will the AAST annual meeting take place in 2016?

A10: Denver, CO

Q11: What is the maximum number of free CECs an AAST member can earn in a year?

A11: 32

Q12: About how many professionals are members of the AAST?

A12: 4200

If you didn't get a chance to win the flash fact trivia challenge, don't worry! The AAST will have more opportunities to award technologists for participating in our activities!

Want to win the AAST's new HSAT Policy and Procedure Manual? Fill out the form below and be automatically entered to win!


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