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By: Kevin Asp on May 4th, 2016

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What to Expect at the 38th AAST Annual Meeting: Rules and Regulations Affecting Transportation



Meet Dr. Michael Berneking, who will present on the rules and regulations that affect the transportation industry


On Monday June 13, Michael Berneking, MD will present on recent rules and regulations that are affecting the transportation industry and our efforts to combat drowsy driving. 

About Dr. Berneking 

Dr. Berneking is an expert in the arena where medicine intersects with the transportation industry. He has long been a leader in providing guidance and education to both employers and fellow clinicians.

Not only does Dr. Berneking work with local and national representatives of some of the nation’s largest employers by providing occupational medical care and consulting on a variety of transportation, regulatory and substance abuse testing topics, but he also serves as a member of Concentra’s Transportation Medical Expert Panel.

Dr. Berneking holds certifications as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, a Medical Review Officer, and a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner.  Furthermore, Dr. Berneking’s special interest in sleep medicine has led him to chair the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Sleep and Transportation Safety Awareness Task Force.  Last, but certainly not least, he also enjoys the privilege of serving as Major Berneking in the Army Reserve.

Here is what Dr. Berneking will present during Monday's general track session on June 13th  from 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Rules and Regulations Affecting Transportation


  1.  Illustrate current regulatory body strategies regarding drowsy driving.
  2. Describe hours of service for the transportation industry.

We hope to see you at the 38th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado in June!

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