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By: Kevin Asp on January 5th, 2016

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What you need to know about RPSGT recertification

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RPSGT recertification

For many sleep technologists, now is the time to act on the RPSGT recertification process! 

We've recently published a letter from the BRPT president Daniel Lane announcing that it's recertification time for many folks. So we wanted to take it a step further and answer many of the common questions we get about the recertification process.

Why recertification is needed

According to the BRPT, recertification is a cornerstone of best practices in a certification program and the BRPT has a responsibility to the profession – and the public – to assure all RPSGTs continue their education. The BRPT adheres to best practices for credentialing programs and works to ensure that the RPSGT certification continues to be recognized as the leading certification for polysomnographic technologists by the medical community, allied health professions, legislative bodies and other regulatory decision makers, and the public. The continuing education requirement ensures that all RPSGTs remain up to date in the dynamic and rapidly changing field of sleep medicine and technology.  In addition, the recertification process is an opportunity to reinforce the value of the RPSGT certification and a chance for RPSGTs to recommit to the delivery of excellent patient care.

What's required of me to complete my recertification?

Every five years, sleep technologists with RPSGT degrees need to recertify their credential in order to retain the use of it. To recertify, RPSGTs must either earn 50 CECs during their 5 year credential window (which is easy especially when you follow articles like this) or retake and pass the RPSGT exam. Certification holders are responsible for knowing their certification expiration dates and recertification deadlines. Expiration dates can be verified by searching the directory on the BRPT Credential Holders web page.

To fulfill the recertification requirements the certification holder must:

  • Accurately complete the recertification application
  • Either retake and pass the RPSGT exam or document completion of 50 approved continuing education credits during their last active 5 year credential window
  • Submit a copy of a valid Basic Life Support (BLS) certification (or equivalent for international residents)
  • Reaffirm  commitment to the BRPT Code of Conduct
  • Review and update “My Profile” on the BRPT Credential Holders web page
  • If selected to be audited, comply with all requests for information
  • Pay all required recertification fees

If you already have 50 CECs or would like to take the recertification exam, check out the BRPT's helpful and thorough page on what to do next.

Making sure that you're on top of your certifications is essential to your career as a sleep technologist. Luckily, we have many resources available that will steer you in the right direction of racking up those 50 CECs and managing your sleep technologist career as a whole. 

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