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By: Byron Jamerson, RPSGT, RST, CCSH, FAAST on November 18th, 2021

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What’s Your Why Not?

cpap therapy | CCSH

“What’s your why?” has become a popular question we ask ourselves to identify why we do the things we do — especially if that thing is challenging! Some may answer, “I do it for my health,” or “I do it for my family.”

As Certified Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) educators, we often ask patients “What’s your why?” in relation to their use of positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy. However, many times we must also identify the “why not” to assist our patients who are failing compliance on PAP therapy.

The information in the “Patient Follow-Up and Management” module of the AAST Enhanced CCSH Designated Education Program Recorded Modules will help you in developing a path to discovering the “why not” with PAP compliance.

Helping a patient identify their “why not” can be difficult. Many times, an individual just cannot put their finger on why they are struggling with therapy. An in-depth analysis of compliance downloads can help the CCSH educator ask leading questions to identify the issue. This module will assist you in learning the clues that lead to questions such as, “Do you know why you are on PAP therapy?” or “Do you feel like the device is pushing you or supporting you?”

As CCSH educators, we have educated ourselves well on the function of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) pressure, masks, humidity and tubing types. But in order to truly help our patients succeed with therapy, we must push further to truly understand the final variable: the patient themselves. What obstacles prevent them from being successful with therapy — and how can we break down those obstacles?

This seventh CCSH module, “Patient Follow-Up and Management,” will help participants understand in detail the obstacles to success found in compliance downloads. It will also allow participants to better understand utilization of the right tools for the right situation. Does the patient need education? A different mask? A different therapy? Or even just a small tweak to something like a backup breath rate? Download reports contain all this information and more.

In preparing this module, I pulled from valuable experience that I gained while working for a manufacturer in the corporate clinical side of sleep. I had worked in the lab environment for over 25 years before moving to the corporate side and thought that I fully understood the sleep world. Was I ever wrong! I was no longer explaining why I scored an event the way I did; I was being asked about how to interpret downloads for patients who were struggling. Little did I know that this experience and knowledge, along with my CCSH credential, would lead to a whole new line of consulting work on just this topic.

Sleep medicine is changing rapidly. Opportunities are available for those who have the skills, knowledge and the desire to help patients truly succeed with PAP therapy. I’m not talking about just hitting four hours of use for 70% of nights — I’m talking about all night, every night and loving it!

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